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Tiel not like being handled.

Discussion in 'Birds - all breeds / types' started by Jdreeper, Mar 4, 2005.

  1. Jdreeper

    Jdreeper New Member

    :cry: My tiel doesn't really enjoy being handled, she will go onto your finger and sit on my shoulder. But she won't be petted at all, she would also rather just sit ontop of her cage watching me or whoever is in room then sit on a shoulder. Whenever I bring her out she will stay with me for awhile then fly back to her cage. She also bites fingers that try to pet her she lets me pet her once in awhile and puts her head down to be scratched. Aren't tiels supposed to be handled a lot cause it seems like mine would rather just sit on her cage and watch us.

    (I also recently got her bout 5 days ago she is about 2 y/o)
  2. charmedagain

    charmedagain New Member

    Hi congratulations on getting a tiel i breed tiels and they can be the most stubborn of birds at times.

    Since you have only had her 5days give her some time to adjust and settle more.
    Since she will sit on your finger and shoulder indicates she is used to being handled which is a good thing and makes it easier for you.

    Give her another couple of days but keep letting her sit on your fingers and shoulder if she wants to fly back to her cage allow her to do so this is her comfort zone.

    With female tiels you should be verty careful not to scratch the back of there heads, back or tummy as this stimulates them to lay eggs and you do not want this.

    Female birds become aggressive and easily aggitated when wanting to breed or are ready to lay eggs.

    Like i say give her time also if she likes millet spray or has a favourite fruit or vegtable when she is sat with you or any other family member pr visitor allow her to eat it from your hand this reinforces the bond and helps her understand you wish her no harm and you can be trusted.
    Teils usually bond with one person which is usually the person she trusts the most.

  3. ilovemycockatiel

    ilovemycockatiel New Member

    Advice for Tiels who don't like to be handled or bite

    I have a female Cockatiel that used to bite hard and not like to be picked up. She won't let me pet her head, but I can pick her up now. All I did was pick her up every day, and just let her bite me no matter how much it hurt. She learned that no matter how much she bit, it wouldn't get her anywhere. She is more tame now. Some advice I would give is to talk to it in a low calm voice, and handle it gently. Offer it some seed or Millet spray in your hand. But just remember not to get impatent, b/c biting is something they automatically do when someone touches them. It's sort of like when you touch something hot, your hand jerks back.
    K. age 13, tx :)
  4. charmedagain

    charmedagain New Member

    Great advice there, ilovemycockatiel. Its nice to see young people giving good advice and actually taking an interest in animals.

    Good work

    Mike :y_the_best:

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