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touchy feely birdy?? Help

Discussion in 'Birds - all breeds / types' started by drab911, Oct 30, 2005.

  1. drab911

    drab911 New Member

    Hey guys... well my parrotlet is happy standing on my finger or shoulder for a while now... but he will not under any circumstances let me hold him in my hand or rub any part of his body.. sometimes i can kiss his back... Should I just give it time?? he has been with me for a few months now will that come with tme? or shold i force it the first few times and hold him even though he bites hard... thanks
    also today he lost his first blood feather with me.. I got quite nervous cause after a minor fall to the floor the feather was sticking out sideways... then it eventually fell out pretty soon.. there was a quarter of an inch stub on the end of it and it had blood on the end of hte feather..
    then i looked at my bird and he had blood a TINY bit on his beak... I watched him for half an hour and there was never any bleeding... so is this normal after the feather is lost?? or do you think it was broken? I was very nevous cause as i mentioned he doesnt let me hold him so I was affriad i woudl have to pull it out.. but hes ok
    thanks for any advice.. i just want to be able to scratch my buddys head for him! :)
  2. charmedagain

    charmedagain New Member

    Give him time and he will eventually let you hold him.
    You can also try holding him in a towel or put on a thick pair of gloves so that he can not bite you hard.

    The more you hold him the better he will be at being held.
    It takes time to teach birds that being held in the hand is safe and that if you rub his head or body your not going to hurt him.
    Don't give up your doing great with him..

    As for the blood feather it does sound like he broke it but aslong as the bleeding has stopped he will be fine and if tere is any of the shaft left it will fall out on its own.


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