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Traditional vs Laser...opinions please!

Discussion in 'Dogs - all breeds / types' started by MyBabyShihPoo, Dec 21, 2007.

  1. MyBabyShihPoo

    MyBabyShihPoo New Member

    Hello All,

    I need some opinions and am hoping I might be able to get some here. I just got in a new rescue and need to have her spayed ASAP (she's a 7 mo. old GSD). I have been calling around to local vets to get costs and availablity of days. Some of the clinics I called informed me that they offer the option of doing the spay with a laser or they can still do it via the traditional method (with a scalpel). Some vets said it's great because there is less bleeding, pain, recovery time etc. While others said it's really not necessary as it is ONLY used for the initial incision and the length of the incision is not that long, as well as the fact that the use of a scalpel is typical in most surgeries (human and animal)...so I'm torn as to which way to go?!?! :?

    Has anyone had experience with this? Obviously the laser method is more expenseive, and I don't mind paying the extra amount, but I want to hear people's opinion about it before I make my decision.

    Any insight, experiences, etc would be GREATLY appreciated!!! :D

    Many thanks,
  2. Sara

    Sara New Member

    Well I'd go with whichever one shortens the actual surgery. If I didn't mind that one was more expensive than the other and the two aren't all that different I think it'd come down to surgery time only. I'd go with whichever method is faster IN the OR...recovery time isn't an issue...whichever one is fastest it means less time for complications in the OR...


  3. Mary_NH

    Mary_NH New Member

    I just did a search for laser versus scalpel spay
    laser incisions take 2x longer to heal due to lack of blood. The laser cauterizes the incision so there is no blood flow to enhance healing.
    Less pain with the laser as it seals the nerve, more sterile too.
    Those are the only 2 advantages I can see over scalpel. The longer incision healing time would be my main factor in wanting to use scalpel
  4. Mary_NH

    Mary_NH New Member

    and laser costs more too
  5. dogangel

    dogangel New Member

    All of my babies and all of my fosters have been spayed/neutered by laser surgery. And I can't be any happier. The incision is a lot less extensive - 1 1/2 inches maybe, and they heal a lot faster. Plus it's an outpatient surgery (I left them at the vet's in the morning and picked them up in the afternoon). They recovered in just a few hours and the following morning was just business as usual romping around the yard. I would go laser in a heartbeat... :y_the_best:

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