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Training a stubborn dog...

Discussion in 'Dogs - all breeds / types' started by angel3y35, May 12, 2007.

  1. angel3y35

    angel3y35 New Member

    Took my dalmation to the vet about my previous post. He had just eaten something that didn't agree with him. All better now thankfully. Has anyone ever had a dalmation? I know all dogs are different and the breeds are different. My lab is fully house trained and listens when we say no. The dalmation on the other hand will not listen. I've tried everything I can think of. I know contrary to what a lot of people think they are smart dogs just stubborn as all get out. Any way to get this stubborness out of him? His house training is getting better he just gets excited then realizes oh crap I gotta use the bathroom, although sometimes he will sit on his bed and start peeing. I haven't figured it out yet. Any adivce?

    Oh I don't have a job currently since we are overseas so they aren't left alone all day or anything.

  2. Sara

    Sara New Member

    Dalmations are kind of a different type of dog since they were not really meant as companion dogs to begin with. Most Dals did their job in the mines back in the day and slept at the fire house since that's where the horses were. They aren't all that much of people type dogs and I'd figure too that they're just so independent that they'd rather not do anything but their own agenda. Probably a lot of what people see in hounds.

    My husband had a Dalmation that was impossible to keep indoors, he had to re-home the dog as it just didn't work out...regardless of the measures he took the dog would go so far as to jump through windows to get out and about. My only suggestion is to contact someone in your area who has dals. If you got the dog from a breeder contact them and see what tricks they might have up their sleeve. Stubborn dogs are smart dogs, like horses. If he's stubborn he's smart enough to manipulate and that's pretty smart. Ya just gotta tap into that somehow. I would use a crate for his potty training and his bed. That way it will help illiminate the peeing on his bed problem. If he learns that he'll SLEEP in the puddle if he pees there he'll stop...crate with no bedding in it for a couple days and whatnot. Start over basically with crate/potty training that way.

    Other than that, ya gotta just find out what motivates him to do what you ask...treats, praise, punishment etc... I have a pit who won't listen unless you get down right rude to him...and another who, if you raise your voice you've overdone it... Definately contact someone in your area with lots of Dalmation experience though.

  3. hermann muenster

    hermann muenster New Member

    Yep --
    Sounds like it's time to get back to the basic training!
    Crate training.

    Have you checked with the vet to be sure there are no medical problems?

    Try keeping him crated and get on a regular 'relief' schedule with him.
    Just like you do with a puppy. I'm sure he will quickly learn to relive himself at the appropriate time -- in the appropriate place! I'm sure in a couple of weeks he will get the idea!

    As far as other behaviors? Sara is right -- dalmations are a unique breed.
    Look for breed specific clubs for extra insight into their quirky behaviors.

    You said you have a lab too? Is it possible that your dal has submissive issues?

    You might also want to see about enrolling him in a basic obedience class.
    A brush up on basic obedience is always a good confidence builder.

    good luck. please keep us posted with his progress

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