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Discussion in 'Birds - all breeds / types' started by --blaster--, Aug 21, 2004.

  1. --blaster--

    --blaster-- New Member

    Can anyone give me tips on training a bird (Parakeet) :)
  2. charmedagain

    charmedagain New Member

    Hi what kind of training do you want to do with your bird.

    The main key is patience and not too push the bird too far as this will make it decide that it does not want to do anything.

  3. kathy5

    kathy5 New Member

    first off I got kiwi around 6 weeks of age the younger the bird Is the easer It will be to train. ( you can tell a young bird by all of the black bars On It's head the more It had the younger It Is. with white birds they don't have bard so I'm stuck there )

    after of giving kiwi a week of getting used to her new cage and home I slowly placed my hand In the cage to rest for no less than 15 minutes I did this for a week this will help the bird to get used to your hand letting It know that you are not going to hurt It you can quietly talk to the bars so that It gets used to your voice.

    If the bird flutters around DON"T pull your hand out of the cage this will tell the bird you are scared and every time you put your hand In It will flutter. If It does flutter just rest your hand until the bird calms down

    next I slowly pushed my finger up to the bird's chest
    saying the word (up)once again 15 minutes for around 1 month once again If the bird flutters don't take your hand out of the cage. just wait for the bird to clam down and try again.

    I was due to have a baby shortly and I had a 3 year old a cat and a hamster to take care of so when the baby arrived the bird went to my mother's In law house
    at this time she wasn't hoping up onto my finger but she hoped up on to my mom finger and she Is now fingered trained. she Is now home with us again and she Is a wonderful bird she Is a green with a yellow face parakeet of 6 years.
    I hope this helps you
    good luck
  4. Nameless

    Nameless New Member

    I gave up on mine. But don't follow my path!
  5. kem

    kem New Member

    Make sure that no matter how you train your bird that you don't tire it out. that is one of the worst things you can do when training a bird. And don't give up. Birds won't learn when you give up or when they are tired. But of course this is coming from a person whos bird is out of control and bites everything and everybody in sight but really. When my bird was trained he was good. but whatever. Hope training goes well! Best! :p
  6. --blaster--

    --blaster-- New Member

    Thx Guys . Kathy is it ok with you if i use your training method :oops:
  7. kathy5

    kathy5 New Member

    go right ahead
    good luck & let us know how it goes

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