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Trouble Riding a Mare

Discussion in 'Horses - all breeds / types' started by lanena322, Apr 9, 2004.

  1. lanena322

    lanena322 New Member

    I ride a (Paso Fino cross?)mare sometimes. When I ride her I have to keep a tight rein all the time, because if i loosen even a litle she will take off runnning. I do let her run sometimes, but not all the time since we ride on roads.

    By the time I am done riding her my arms are so sore. How can I stop er from constantly pulling on the bit?
  2. Samsintentions

    Samsintentions New Member

    First of all, what kind of bit are you using?

    There could be a problem with your saddle, It may not be fitting right and causing somepain, The first thing a horse wants to do when pain is present is run away from it.
    You can tell if its ill fitting, if you cant put two fingers between the (hole in the front of the saddle under the horn) or tree. Same goes for an english saddle.

    Also, if you knotice when the saddle is off, ther will be sores, or white hair on the withers.
  3. lanena322

    lanena322 New Member

    Well as for the bit, I dont know what type of bit it is since she is not mine, I just use the bit I am given, but she doesnt seem to have a problem with it. The saddle is definately not the problem since she is ALWAYS wasnts to run, even when being ridden bare back. I really think she just loves to run, I would like to know how I could teach her that its only ok to run in certain places and not all the time.

    She can basically ignore the bit which is why I always have to keep tight short rein on her. I dont like to do this though as I feel that it will ruin her mouth. There is another Paso Fino Mare that I ride, such a huge difference. That mare is very sensitive to the bit, any tiny movement and she will move right along, she also loves to run and a slight click of the tongue and a slight squeeze of the legs and she is off. I know all horses are different but they are half sisters.
  4. horses93

    horses93 New Member


    use a stronger bit :D
  5. ya_gotta_luv_em

    ya_gotta_luv_em New Member

    my standardbred mare used 2 have the same problem. i would b holding the reins real tight so she wouldnt run off on me. i also had problems turning her, so i switched 2 a tom-thunb bit & i now have no problem turning her. it was also useful cuz wen she ran i could turn her in a circle & she would stop(they cant run if u have pulled their head around). Then i started lunging her b4 i rode. then while riding i would start with walking & a bit of trotting. w/ sum horses it could b good 2 just give them a run b4 doing proper stuff. i couldnt do that w/ my mare cuz she would buck. how old is the horse?
    mine was 5 & 6 then. now she is 7 & i have done a lot of work w/ her that now i can get on her, walk, trot & a small canter round the paddock a couple of times & she is ready 2 ride properly. 1 more thing.
    how does the horse position her head?
    if she holds it high or sticks her head out that would make it harder 2 controll her. u could ask the owner if u could try a drop or flash noseband or something similar.
    i use a flash noseband, & have noticed a difference(a dropnoseband would probably wouk better, but wen fitting it make sure is isnt over the horses nostrils
    i hope i could b of sum help
    good luck
  6. Malithemole

    Malithemole New Member

    Well try not to pull all the time in know it is hard but you have to learn to trust her. so do half haults, hard ones if needed, then let go of her face with slack in the reins even if it is for half a step, then do the same thing all over again untill she learns to give into you. But whatever you do dont hold all the time some horses (like mine) hate that and pull harder thats prolly why your arms hurt after, so little tugs now and then and she will eventualy learn what you want. :D hope i helped!
  7. lanena322

    lanena322 New Member

    hmmm,i do believe it is the bit, she just needs a stronger bit. she is constantly chalenging me, always wanting to go faster, and i do let her get her way but only after she has had a good warm up. I will try using a different bit and see how it goes.

    Shes a real good hore, just a bit of a challenge. I usually tried to ride her sister afterwards so I can truly appreciate the ride :) Even after so many years that mare still responds so well to the snaffle bit. She is a doll
  8. 4Dogsihave

    4Dogsihave New Member

    I wonder if a Hackmore (sp?) would help her. This is the kind that goes over the nose not in the mouth. My friend had a horse that would not respond at all to a bit but they switched her to a hackmore and she was much better and easier to control. Or possibly a Snaffle bit that is a broken bit, my friend uses these on her horses and they work well for her. She switched after having problems with a straight bit.

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