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Trouble with the bath

Discussion in 'Birds - all breeds / types' started by lilest Budgie, Dec 20, 2004.

  1. lilest Budgie

    lilest Budgie New Member

    My little budgie, female, Angel, is having trouble. A LONG time ago she went into her bath but doesn't anymore. I have to spray her or put her into a sink. She just hates water, she drinks some, but doesn't like getting wet. Is there anyway of solving this? And any tips on getting her to eat vegies is greatly appriciated!

  2. drab911

    drab911 New Member

    I am by far no expert though I have had a I think female budgie for about 3 weeks now... I mist Marley right now because I didnt think that she would venture to the bottom but the other day I saw her theree so Im gonna try the bath now...
    As for veggies.. I have been introducing things and from what I have found it is better off to start with just one thing at a time and not mixing anything because then you know what they like... First thing I saw Marley eat were some Fresh tomatoes cut into cubes... now whenever I come home after leaving them in the cage she is face deep into them haha... so maybe by you watching her she wont try them try leaving the hosue for a hour or so.. and also I have tried shredded carrots and I THINK she is eating them not sure though...
    Good lucK!
  3. lilest Budgie

    lilest Budgie New Member

    update for the bath

    UPDATE- I noticed every once in a while (every 2 weeks) she will take a bath, but its in her water cup! :lol: Its kinda cute watching her try to fit into that tiny cup. I rush water to her, but she only will bathe in that water cup. Normally this would be fine BUT the cup is a bit to small for her to fit all her feathers in there, only her head really. Hmm... Thank you for the reply, I will try to mist her when its bathing time!
  4. mchat

    mchat New Member

    I'm not sure if this will help on the vegie front but my cockatiels will try something after they see me 'eating' it they seem to realise that its eadible. Might work.

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