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Turtle question

Discussion in 'All other pets' started by Lisa, Mar 31, 2004.

  1. Lisa

    Lisa New Member

    My nephews found a tiny sun turtle in their yard. He was only the size of a quarter. I somehow ended up adopting the little guy/girl..... well it's been over a year now and he's getting big and out growing his plastic reptile tank. I've been thinking about letting him go into the lake in back of my nephews house, which is probably where he came from.

    Would he be able to survive after being sort of a house pet all this time???
  2. pompeii

    pompeii New Member

    He shouldn't have too many problems, but once he is released, he'll probably only be seen at a distance if even that.

    Is the turtle, by chance, a red eared slider?

    I have several turtles and tortoises myself and love having them.

    I have two russian tortoises, an elongated tortoise, four red eared sliders, a three striped mud, a central american ornate wood, and african sideneck, an asian leaf, an asian box,.... I think thats it. :)
  3. Lisa

    Lisa New Member


    I'm not sure what kind it is. I've always know them as "sun" turtles. There is a bit of red on him.

    I've tried to find information online but they didn't show a picture, so I wasn't sure I was reading about the correct type of turtle.
  4. Lisa

    Lisa New Member


    It is a red eared slider! I just found a picture online.... well, who knew!

    I really need to put him in a bigger tank. I have a piece of drift wood in the tank so he can climb up and sun himself, but it takes up the whole tank. .... it's not even a tank, it's a deep plastic reptile thingy
  5. jamin_rb

    jamin_rb New Member

    if u dont want to spend to much money then if i was u i would go get a 55 gallon plastic tub thing there for holding cloths and stuff storge and that
    i know many people that have there turtles in these and they are very happy or u could let him go ur Choice :?
  6. Lisa

    Lisa New Member


    The plastic tub sounds like a great idea.... I may do that. What would be the best way to clean it? The plastic tank I have now is small enough for me to carry to the sink and dump the water.

    Also, I thought he was a red eared slider but it turns out that there isn't any red on him. He actually has the same markings only they're white where the red should be. Other than that, he looks much the same.
  7. jamin_rb

    jamin_rb New Member

    to clean it i would just go buy a siphon there pretty cheap and they work great

    U can just add a bigger hose on it and run it to ur sink :idea:
  8. Lisa

    Lisa New Member


    Thanks.... another question, where can I find those plastic tubs? Home Depot, or Lowes? Walmart, maybe???? I'm not too sure what they look like.
  9. jamin_rb

    jamin_rb New Member

    You can probably find them at any of tho's stores just find the biggest one LOL

    They are big plastic boxs kinda you will now when you see one!!

    If u cant find one just ask someone if they sell plassttic tubs and most liky they will know what your talking about and then show you were they are

    :D :idea:
  10. jamin_rb

    jamin_rb New Member

    O yeah And you can buy them at wal mart and u can also get a siphon there too

    cuz thats where i bought my siphon!!!! :D
  11. Lisa

    Lisa New Member


    Thanks a bunch... I'll go look for something this weekend. I have a vacuum for my fish tank which also siphons the water, maybe I could use that too.... the real problem I have now, is a piece of wood that he climbs on, takes up the whole tank and no room to swim! I may just stack some large rocks in the corner for him to climb.

    Thanks again!
  12. jamin_rb

    jamin_rb New Member

    Sounds Great 8) :idea: :eek:
  13. steven24681

    steven24681 New Member

    I'm not sure if u should use plastic. i think u should try something like glass since it wont hurt ur turltes, since water turtles are very very sensitive of the water they live in. one of my red ear sliders got allergic or something from this plastic container i had before :(

    and yes if u kept the turtle at home for too long it will get unused to the outdoors, but i'm not sure about ur turtle since red ear sliders are good at adapting.

    good luck! :D
  14. Lisa

    Lisa New Member

    red eared slider

    Not totally sure if it's a red eared slider.... looks just like one, but there is white, where the red should be. Is that a different type of turtle all together????

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