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Two new fosters incoming

Discussion in 'Cats - all breeds / types' started by Mary_NH, Nov 26, 2008.

  1. Mary_NH

    Mary_NH New Member

    Paul (DH) has a fit if I take more than one at a time but I did get him to agree to bonded pairs. So I have a bonded pair of biologically-unrelated "sisters" coming in on Saturday.
    And is their owner a WEIRDO!!!!!
    They are both OGUs (owner giveups) so I had to do the evaluation of them and 'oy what a fruit loop.
    Rescue basically said "go get them" when they received their medical history. These cats are 4-paw declaws :x and I do recall this lady from years ago having a discussion w/her regarding declawing. Her opinion is "it's good for them". I'll leave it at that in order to avoid any conflicts here but she didn't leave me with any warm fuzzy feelings.
    And on the medical paperwork she once took one of the cats to the vet to all off of her teeth removed cause she was chewing!!!! This cat is now on major drugs to keep from chewing and licking her belly, which of course isn't working cause she still fur pulls. Pills will be discontinued and I'll take a different approach like sanity.
    She hasn't gotten them vaccines in years (inside-only cats) as she insists they are allergic (her vet finally caved cause he simply doesn't like to deal with her - we've talked). They are getting up to date on vaccines Saturday and I can watch over them with an unbiased mind to see how they react - if at all.
    She's even been trying to dictate how I'll handle their fostering at my house, what kind of person can adopt them, etc. I'm playing nice right now but once those surrender forms are signed she loses all control and I might have to consider changing my phone number. At least she doesn't know where I live although she offered to bring their stuff to my house - Nope!!! Got plenty of room in my car.
    Saturday should be a fun-filled morning at the vet's office. I'm meeting her there, getting her to sign them over and bringing them home. Her vet refuses to deal w/her so I get to start my relationship with the cats off by holding them during their vet visit.
    Will post pictures this weekend.
    And everyone have a wonderful Thanksgiving
  2. HDrydr

    HDrydr New Member

    I am glad that they well have a better home to recover in!! they will be much better off..... people like that should never be allowed to have animals!!
    I look forward to seeing pictures

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