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Two questions a:Itchy Hahns Macaw b:beak on sun conure long

Discussion in 'Birds - all breeds / types' started by Bessy, Jan 27, 2005.

  1. Bessy

    Bessy New Member

    Itchy Hahns:

    My Hahns Macaw (only 8 month old) has started to itch.. and itch.. and itch
    Is this leading into something? or is this simply that she is itchy!
    Is there something I can do for her to relieve the itch?
    She get a shower twice a week and baths in her water dish. :?:
    Oh yeah her name is Feathers.

    Long Beak:

    We recently acquired (3 month ago) a Sun Conure from the neighbors. They were not giving it much attention due to having too many birds and all started working full time. Anyway we have 'him'. His beak seems awfully long.

    We have provided him with chew toys and a cuttle bone, but he plays
    rarely. We have tried to interact with him, but all he wants to do is crawl down your shirt and peep out the top whispering Toby Keith...

    How long should his beak be? Should we take him somewhere to have it checked?
  2. charmedagain

    charmedagain New Member

    Hi itchy skin can be anything from just new feathers coming through upto skin mites the best thing to do is have her checked over by an avian vet just to rule out mites.
    Has this problem started since you got the new bird and did you keep them away from each other for 35days.

    As for the long beak again a trip to the vet will help they will clip his beak if it is too long as if there is a problem with his beak this can cause problems with breaking seed husks.

    Keep us updated of there progress..

  3. Bessy

    Bessy New Member

    Took them to the Vet

    I thought I would let you know that they went to the Avian Vet Friday afternoon.

    Feathers (the itchy one) is well, just itchy... no mites and all appears to be well (she is a little fat..doctors comment) but not too much to be worried.

    Toby's beak was to long so she clipped and ground it. He was like a little kid whom just got a filling, he kept sticking his tong on the edge of the beak.
    A test was also done on Toby's droppings, but I sure couldn't say it much less spell it.

    Toby too is also 'a little fat'... mmmm
    We feed them Zupreen and I give them 20 oz a day. On average they will eat 19 oz some days only 10. Toby still gets some seed because the previous owner fed mostly seed with a little zupreen. We are trying to reverse that.
    They also get cooked veggies such as Broccoli, spinich, carrots. or when we have salad night they get their very own salad making. We eat spinich and 'greens'. Also on pizza night they get a tiny piece of crust and 3 strands of spaghett on nights when we have that.

    I guess I'll have to have them walk around more although watching Feathers loop, crawl, hang and swing (from the curtain cord) exhaust me..

    Any other suggestions. I don't want the weight to continue on so maybe I am feeding too much?

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