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Update on the girls

Discussion in 'Dogs - small breeds (toy) specific' started by Jennifer, May 1, 2004.

  1. Jennifer

    Jennifer New Member

    It's almost 2a.m. and I'm just now slowing down enough that I can sit down and check email.

    Here are the results of todays vet visit. Funny Face has both ear's massively infected. Both girls tested postitive for hookworms and giardia (sp?). She said this accounts for the puking and the runs... and the foul stool smell. ( And I do mean FOUL, it smelled like something dead.) Their gums are also badly infected and have such terrible teeth that the vet wants them in for a dental cleaning ASAP but we have to wait for the infection to go down before having that done. They estimated the cleaning to be about $120 each.. so $240 total. This will have to be budgeted in somewhere in the next two paychecks.. don't yet know where the money will come from but I'll figure it out. The foul urine,.. still not too sure about that. There's no UTI or other renal infections present. Probably just from there general unhealthyness.

    Both Funny Face and Exquistie recieved antibiotic shots today... as well as being put on Panacur ( oral for 3 days), Metronidazole (oral pills 2x a day for 5 days) and Malotic ear ointment for Funny Face (2x a day for 14 days).

    I got lucky because the vet cut me some slack and only charged me $ 70 for todays visit and meds. She knew that I was not expecting to have to deal with all of this. Which it probably wouldn't have been a big deal.. except that my other dog, Baja, was currently there being altered and having a full check up done.

    The vet also suggested that I get them completely shaved... so that when their coats grow out it will be more even. ($80 for both dogs .. have to budget this in somewhere)

    Both dogs are terrified of grass. They just freeze when we go outside, refuse to MOVE AT ALL and have YET to eliminate outside. Seems they much prefer the ceramic tile in my kitchen or the living room carpet. They will walk on the sidewalk and porch but not grass. A friend of mine who owns two bookstores is sending me a book that might help me with this problem. I'm finding that training an older dog is MUCH different than training a pup. Right now.. I'm just trying to teach them their names *sigh*

    Why do these dogs not bark or even so much as make a whimper??? All of the poking, prodding, shots, blood draw.. neither so much as whimpered! Dogs aren't supposed to be so quiet.. especially Poms. They haven't made a single sound in all the time I've had them. Very weird.

    I'm frustrated..because ..I really expected healthy dogs. Older .. yes.. but still healthy. So I'm still really in shock. I'm angry!! Not at these sweet dogs.. but at myself.. at the breeder... ESPECIALLY the breeder! I understand that breeders usually have many dogs.. and but ANY dog.. regardless of why a person has them.. should be properly taken care of!

    And my vet wasn't too happy either. I've never heard her rant and rave as I did today. My husband is just furious as well. Lot's of anger coming from Oklahoma today. I guess that we thought that coming from a breeder, they should have been in better health.

    I'll keep you updated on their progress.


    *edited* I forgot to tell you... Exquistie weighs 10 pounds and FunnyFace weighs 7 pounds. I'm not sure if that's important... but..compared to my 27 pound Baja... they are still tiny! LOL
  2. PooGirl13

    PooGirl13 New Member

    Jennifer ~

    Thank you for updating us. It makes me so mad to sit & read all this, but, as myself and others have said before they are lucky to have YOU!

    They are on meds now and the healing process has begun.. although it may take a while. Just curious, was there any type of gaurantee w/the pups? I realize that they are older and I'm not sure how that works... but, just wondering.

    Have you tried contacting the breeder to tell her how unhappy you are about the condition of your dogs? Perhaps, if you make enough noise, this breeder will be responsible (at the VERY least) to help pay for the vet bills that you are incurring. I understand it's not about the money, but it would help and be nice if the breeder took some responsibility. The whole situation really burns me up & I can just imagine how yourself and your husband are feeling.

    It's hard to know why the dogs don't even make a sound.. but, I would imagine that it has to do with their previous living conditions. Did your vet have any reasoning for this?

    Please keep us updated ~ we are all thinking of you! :D
  3. MonsterBailey

    MonsterBailey New Member

    this just made me FURIOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Just like you said, not at the dogs, but at that scumbag person who was their "CARE TAKER" (using that term veryyyyy loosely!). UGH!!

    I was thinking the exact same thing that poogirl said... is there anyway you can go back on the breeder to get $$ to pay for the vet expenses? I am completely clueless about how rules/laws go with pets... but is there someone you can call about this abuse and neglect?? and, OH! Did you pay for the dogs originally? If so... place a dang stop pmt on that check! and let her/him even TRY to take you to small claims court on that one! (my blood pressure is boiling --- and it's only 8am! hehe)
  4. puttin510

    puttin510 New Member

    I would think the breeder would try to get out of it, being they never bothered with their health before. I would throw the word lawyer in their face and see what happens. Send them the results of the vet appointment and tell them you expect to be reimburst. Or a lawsuit could follow and they could be shut down. Really they should be reported to the local aspca.
  5. ilovemaltipoos

    ilovemaltipoos New Member

    Puttin is right ,an attorney could wake them up or put them out .The way I would go .
    I am so sorry about the babies .Thank you for letting us know .Sometimes when hearing this type story ,I am so angry at stupid breeders .this is the type you report /sue .
    Now ,I have had giardia .A litter of rescue puppies had it and I treated for coccidia ,turned out to be the other and came up in 2 of mine ,but only two .Thank God ! That stuff is highly contagious and people can get it too .
    I know you will take care of them .keep us informed .
  6. MyBabyShihPoo

    MyBabyShihPoo New Member


    Just reading your post infuriates me to no end (not at you of course, rather your poms' disgustingly negligible owner)!

    I would DEFINITELY be on the phone with this "breeder" demanding reimbursement, and letting her know of your extreme dissatisfaction!!! You were led to believe one thing, yet your were grossly deceived, and outright lied to! There is absolutely NO excuse!

    As far as taking legal action, yes you may get something out of it, but there are many things to consider:

    ~VERY costly if you want a good lawyer, which is vitally important!!!

    ~The defense team is going to drill you hard for the actions you did not take in order to ensure that what you were being told was valid, and for not investigating this person fully before buying. (Now I realize you are completely innocent, and that you had no idea what you were getting into, so I am not trying to flame you. Rather, I am just pointing out how the defendant and her lawyer will attack you.)

    ~And if you do by chance lose for whatever the reason might be, be prepared to pay some hefty fees!

    ~And the list goes on!

    (However, just bringing up any of the words lawyer, lawsuit, attorney, etc. often prompts the other to take care of the matter before it gets to that point!)

    Anyhow, it is an utter shame that you are having to suffer because of this person whom blatantly lied! However, your poms are now in an excellent home, and receiving proper medical attention.

    I hope that things get better with time, and that you are able to make it through this tough time! You, and your two girls, will definitely be in my thoughts and prayers! :D
  7. puttin510

    puttin510 New Member

    Being that these two are older. Imagine how long they have suffered.
    Sometimes a dog will not bark or make noises until they feel they are in a truly trusting atmosphere and feel comfy and at home. They don't know whats happening right now so they have to feel it out. Give them a little time to adapt they they may have something to say.
  8. ilovemaltipoos

    ilovemaltipoos New Member

    Wha Puttin says is very true .A dog 'talks ' when they are full at ease in their own skin and surroundings .I am sure you will see that they liven up with all the love you have for them .I imagine they had a very hard life .
    Shihpoo is right too ,I would talk to an attorney though .If you asked about health and she/he said no problems ,then you are pretty safe there .
    Jenifer ,not all breeders care .The one you got the girls from aparently does not .Also ,if you need help with the cost ...e-mail me your vet name ,address and I will send something to help a little on the cost of the treatments they need .Not charity ,but from a concerned person that will help .
  9. nern

    nern New Member

    I would be angry as well! If this breeder slacked on the care of these 2 dogs I can only imagine that his/her other dogs are not well cared for either. I would definately report this to the SPCA if possible....maybe they can at least go check on the breeders other dogs and make sure none of them are suffering like these two seem to have been.
    I could be wrong but I can only imagine that they are afraid of the grass because they have probably never seen grass before!! How horrible if that is true.
  10. MyBabyShihPoo

    MyBabyShihPoo New Member

    Oops sorry, posted in the wrong thread! :oops:
  11. EmmesMom

    EmmesMom New Member


    This breeder should be shot!! :cry: PLEASE for the sake of the other dogs she may still have report her to everyone you can!! If one will not take action another one might!!

    I got a lab one time from a breeder who said she was small but very healthy. WRONG!! I had horrible vet bills. I stopped payment on my check and she called me back throwing a fit!! I told her she could have her money IF she paid for all the vet bills for my "healthy" dog she sold me. She then told me I could not do that and she would call the cops. I told her to go right ahead I would welcome that and I would call my lawyer. She shut right up and said sorry and hung up on me. :D

    Everyone else is right when they said that these two dogs got you for a reason!!! YAY for them!!
  12. Aqueous

    Aqueous New Member

    :x Absolutely disgusting! This makes me so MAD! I can just imagine how long the breeder neglected your babies. I'd definately contact the breeder and try to get them to help with the vet bills, I mean this is their fault, they were supposed to be looking after them while they were in their posession (I'd use the word "care" but their obviously wasn't any of that going on!)!

    If you don't take legal action against them definately report them to the SPCA. If your babies were in such bad shape I can just imagine what their other dogs are going through. Just remember to have lots of pictures and a vet report to substantiate your claim.

    I believe everything happens for a reason. You were meant to get Exquistie and FunnyFace. Atleast they'll have much better care and love with you! I think it's great that you decided to give older dogs a chance!

    Hope your girls are better soon!
  13. Jennifer

    Jennifer New Member

    Update and replies to all

    First I'd like to say thank you for all of the support! It's so stregthening for me.. and for the girls.

    The girls are doing much better today. FunnyFace has pottied outside.. ON THE GRASS! Exquisite is still working on that. Both are eating and drinking well and finally becoming more active and curious about their new world.

    THEY BARKED!!!! My husband fell alseep on the sofa last night... and woke up to both girls barking to be let out of their crate this morning!! ( Yes we are crate training... and it's working!) He came and got me up.. to come listen. I swear it was the most beautiful sound I've ever heard!!!

    I am gathering information on this breeder as we speak. There are two locations that are having to be reported. I also have a phone number that my vets groomer gave me for AKC to also report them to. I want to do all of my phone calls at the same time so that they get no warning.

    I got a reply to my inital email to the breeder... but my second email with the vetting results has yet to get a reply. I'm doubting that I will hear anything. If I don't get a reply by Monday, I will be phoning her.

    Legal action. Boy.. my husband and I have talked about this and we are considering it. I don't know that it will do much good... as most of our communication was by phone. So proof.. will be hard to come by. I'm not sure that " She said..." will get us anywhere.. especially in front of a judge.

    Payment of the dogs. There was a $250 dollar "adoption fee" for each dog listed on her website. I was more than willing to pay it. But when we talked on the phone... she said she would waive the adoption fee since they were going to "such a good home". Looking back on this... I'm thinking... how did she know what kind of home they were going to??? So they ended up not costing anything to get them except for the time and fuel to drive down and get them in McAllester... less than halfway between her and me. I had offered to drive all the way down to Antlers.. but she was very adamant about meeting me in McAllester. So.. that should have been a warning sign as well. Hindsight is really 20/20.

  14. Aqueous

    Aqueous New Member

    OMG not on the grass! LOL! Congrats.

    Just a thought...

    She might have been so adamant about meeting you halfway so you wouldn't see the condition of her other dogs.
  15. Jennifer

    Jennifer New Member

    LOL You have to understand their initial reaction to grass... we would carry them outside (on leash... they won't walk.) set them on the grass. They would just FREEZE! One front paw lifted ... and look at me with this " what the heck am I supposed to do now " look on their little faces. Exquisite would then start shaking... violently. FunnyFace just refused to move at all on the grass! They were so scared!

    Now both are walking... tho somewhat reluctantly on leash.. and on the grass.

    They've made so much progress just in these short few days that I've had them.

    About us not seeing the condition of the kennel and the other dogs... I think you are dead right about that. :( All those poor babies... she has a ton of adult dogs up for adoption as well. :(

  16. MyBabyShihPoo

    MyBabyShihPoo New Member


    YES, I definitely forgot to mention in my previous posts, I would surely report this woman to the SPCA for the sake of any other dogs she may have that are probably suffering as result of her negligence!!!!


    :eek: Also, it is great to hear that the girls are making some progress...every little bit counts!!! :eek:
  17. Aqueous

    Aqueous New Member

    :lol: LOL. That sounds exactly like Rocky's first reaction to snow. He was born in June so he didn't see snow for a good 6 months and the fist time it snowed he ran right outside and stopped dead in his tracks. He had the most petrafied look on his face :shock: . I literally had to put on my shoes and coat, walk outside, pick him up and carry him back in with him digging his nails into my shoulder the whole time. He refused to go out for a week. I'd open the door and he'd take one look outside and run back upstairs! I finally had to go out and roll in the snow myself to get him to come out. Boy, the things we do for our dogs :D .

    Your situation with the breeder reminds me of an episode of Animal Cops I was watching (I"m pretty sure it was Animal Cops) where this lady was running a shelter/rescue and she had so many dogs packed everywhere that someone called the SPCA on her.
  18. Jennifer

    Jennifer New Member

    LOL Aqueous :D The things we do for our babies!! You don't want to know how we trained Baja to pee outside instead of on my sofa... Let's just say my husband had to lose some modesty. :lol: but it worked!

  19. Aqueous

    Aqueous New Member

    :lol: OMG Jennifer, that was too funny! Was it his idea or yours?
  20. Jennifer

    Jennifer New Member

    Well.... :lol: it was a mutual thing. We'd been talking about the problem and trying to come up with idea's on how to get him to quit peeing on the sofa.. and start peeing outside. He'd do the other outside.. but insisted on peeing on the sofa. So.. amid our discussion.. I mentioned that in potty training our boys.. hubby had SHOWN them what to do...

    Now I have to say that my husband was not exactly thrilled about peeing in the backyard.. but for the sake of our sofa.. he went along with it. After a few trips outside for instruction... Baja pee'd outside... on a tree.
    :eek: SUCCESS!! :eek:


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