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Update ** She Jumped Out Of My BF's Car!!! (page 3)

Discussion in 'Dogs - Pit bull breeds specific' started by Polar's Mom, Sep 20, 2004.

  1. spencerpits

    spencerpits New Member

    Perhaps I should have read the entire thread, but figured it was more 'debate' on what makes a dog trim or massive, which is the "correct" structure of an APBT, etc. I agree that opinions differ, and I can agree to disagree, but I did take exception to your 'tone', if you will. At the time that I posted those responses: #1 - I thought you were a bull-headed person and my point would not get across no matter how I worded it, and #2 - I just plain didn't care if I offended you, because again - I didn't like your tone. It was a somewhat heated debate, and now it's over. You like your pits to be more bully looking, I don't. And that's that.
  2. True_Pits

    True_Pits New Member

    I can't even remember what the debate was about. I think their was just misunderstandings on both ends.

    Kind of, but I didn't understand what they said when they were talking about raising the dog. You can't make all dogs massive just by feeding them and caring for them and I thought thats what they meant. But a dog that is supposed to be built bigger and bigger structure you can cause them to be smaller by improper care or even if you gave them lesser care. They couldn't reach their full potenial. Its all back on the other pages. Even though that seems sort of irrelevent to everything. And of course not all dogs in a litter are meant to be the same size or will have the same structure, but as long as you take care of them they'll grow to their full potenial and you should still get a wonderful and healthy dog.

    Well then you guys are even because they said they frankly didn't care if they offended people.
  3. spencerpits

    spencerpits New Member

    LOL! Yes, I suppose we are. As for the "it's how you raise them" thing - I got pretty much the same out of it as you did - that if you feed and excersize a dog a lot, it will become massive. All my dogs eat about the same amount (slight differences for weight and apparent metabolism), they all excersize about the same, and while they are all relatively the same size (around 45-50 lbs), you can definite see the difference in their structure and muscularity. Now, if I were to start a keep on one, you'd notice a bigger difference after just a few weeks, but not to the point of a slender dog becoming massive. They just aren't built/bred that way. There is only so much you can do with excersize and feeding. You have to start with the right genes. If that weren't the case, why would so many people study dogs' pedigrees, health, genetics, etc before making a breeding?
  4. Polar's Mom

    Polar's Mom New Member


    Polar has a really weak stomach and gets car sick. So if we're going for a drive we give her an all natural gravol a half hour before hand and roll down the windows so she gets lots of fresh air.

    We're driving down the road to my mom's today.. going between 40 to 50km/h and Polar jumps right out the flipping window!!!

    I was screaming as I watched her land on her side and roll once or twice. My bf slammed on the breaks and we both jump out to get her off the road. She comes straight to us with her usual dopey smile and jumps back in the car as if nothing happened.

    I was freaking and my bf had to calm me down, but she was just fine. Not a damn scratch on her. (thank the lord the big rig behind us wasn't tailgating)

    She spent the next two hours rippin around my mom's backyard having a blast with their 8 month old doberman.

    Needless to say the windows will only be opened a couple inches from now on. I see people driving with their dogs loose in the back of pickup all the time... I had no idea she would do that! :(
  5. MaxKellyAST

    MaxKellyAST New Member

    OMG... that has so happened to me in the past. Thank the Bull and Terrier guardians above. :D

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