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velvet treatment

Discussion in 'Fish and Aquarium - all types' started by ceveretts, May 18, 2004.

  1. ceveretts

    ceveretts New Member

    I am going to treat my fish with Kanacyn. I was using Dessafin and Melafix at fist with no response so I put the filers carbon back in to filter out the Dessafin before using the new meds. The guy at my L.F.S. said that if I was running a fairly new one through it would take the previous meds out but my question is how long do I need to run the carbon to filter it out. Obviously I am in a hurry to begin new meds but I don't want the two meds to be bad together (though I think they may be O.K.). Have any of you used this Kanacyn product before? Is it good? As far as the filtering ? I had, we are talking 65 G with an Aquaclear 500 (pumps 500 g per hour). Thanks for any info you may have. :y_the_best:
  2. ceveretts

    ceveretts New Member

    Well yesterday morning I put 1/2 a box of Kanacyn in my tank. There were 10 capsules . It says 1 capsule per 10g and I am using it in a 65g tank. Since the box had ten I used 5 (close enough) so I will have another dose of 5 for tomorrow morning. I have not used the product before so I am a little nervous. The box recommends 3 doses (one every other day). I don't like to medicate my fish unless I have too but the velvet was spreading so I had no choice. Are 3 doses really necessary or could I get away with 2 possibly? I know with humans antibiotics must be finished to make sure that the infection is gone because they wouldn't be as effective the second time around. Is this true for fish as well? Does the yellow stuff have to be gone before I stop treatment? The guy I always talk to about treatment was not at the L.F.S. when I bought the meds. I took the carbon out of the filter, but I'm not sure about temperature, lighting , etc. I have been turning the lights out often because then the velvet can't grow as fast but does it even matter now that I'm using antibiotics?
  3. tina1

    tina1 New Member

    Hi ceverettes! I have no experience with velvet but just to play it safe you should probably do the full dosage. Just so hopefully the disease won't be able to come back requiring you to medicate again.

    Hope all goes well!
  4. ceveretts

    ceveretts New Member

    Thanks for your imput Tina. I don't have experience with velvet either. Thats why I'm so worried about it. All I know is it's highly contagious and fatal! :( Scary stuff!
  5. ceveretts

    ceveretts New Member

    A couple of the fish that I suspected had velvet (although had not shown the yellow growth of stuff yet) are acting healthier. I also saw ick on one and it has about half disappeared. I have been feeding them all as nobody said not to and I have been limmiting the time I have the lights on. The fish that had the velvet showing on him (obviously-it looks like winding roads of velvet on a black fish) has been active and eating and otherwise healthy looking, still has the velvet all over him. I don't think it has lessenned in appearence on him. I need to know if I must continue medicating until all signs of illness are completely gone or not. Will the medication that is already in the aquarium (without a carbon insert) continue to work? Should I buy more to put in and do a "second course" of the meds? Any imput would be greatly appreciated as I have not treated velvet ever before. :cry: :oops: :cry: Thank-you! :)
  6. t_chelle16

    t_chelle16 New Member

    Yes, it's generally a good idea to continue treatment for about a week after all the symptoms are gone. Doing your regular water changes will remove some of the old medication so I wouldn't bother trying to remove it with carbon. Just keep up with the meds.

  7. kc5gvn

    kc5gvn New Member

    Hi ceveretts, Always follow the dosage instructions that are included with the medication. By using smaller dosages than recommended you can build up a resistant strain of the infection. One thing that is usually not listed with the medications is water changes. I usually recommend partial water changes between doses. Medications left in the tank can become toxic over time. Also, once the disease has vanished and you have completed your medication I would suggest doing a couple of 25% water changes spaced a couple of days apart to reduce this toxic effect. Foaming water at the top is generally a pretty good indicator that the medications are beginning to become toxic. Hope this helps.
  8. ceveretts

    ceveretts New Member

    Thank-you everybody! I appreciate the help. I am always so terrified to use meds on my fish. I think I have a tendency to under do it in order to be safe. Today is a civic holiday and everything is closed so I will do a water change and add a little melafix for now. I'll run to L.F.S. tomorrow and get the meds and hopefully they still have the deal where you get a full size bottle of melafix free with the purchase of a ?6oz? stress coat! Maybe a plant or something. Anyone know a few hardy freshwater plants? I forget what I have already I'll try to post some pics later. It's green and burgandy large leaves. I haven't managed to kill it yet and it's been 3 years at least. :roll:
  9. kevinRB

    kevinRB New Member

    treatment for velvet disease:water temp up to 80degrees F,and a teaspoon of aquarium salt for every 10 gallons :y_the_best:
  10. ceveretts

    ceveretts New Member

    Thanks KevinRB I have the temp set at 81 but with the temperature inside here fluctuating it is usually 79 in the morning and 81 at the hottest at midday-afternoon with the lights on. Nobody really said so I figured I would be best with it a little higher than usual . I'm glad to know for sure now. I am a big fan of the aquarium salt too. I always use it before trying most other things and actually even when things are fine I use a bit when I do the water changes. Thanks for verifying my guesses! I appreciate it. :y_the_best:

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