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What can we do to Right the Wrong?

Discussion in 'Dogs - Pit bull breeds specific' started by pitlovern, Apr 8, 2007.


Should new Pit Bull owners be made to take a class on being a responsible Pit Owner?

  1. Yes

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  2. No

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  1. Sara

    Sara New Member

    I don't remember discussing freedom of speech, nor did I state that Germany or the UK is less free or what have you than the US... THAT is subjective anyway.

    Point is the US government stands on different principles than your government does (different, not better). THAT is not to say that I value a child's life less...that has no merit in the conversation as far as I'm concerned. You put words in my mouth that I never said and as I was trying to be polite in my lack of agreement with your ideas regarding this law in particular....I'm highly offended by your comments. They were un-warrented and rather hostile as well as completely presumptuous with regards to my own values and opinions.

    You like the way the German Government works that's fine. That's your opinion... The US doesn't work that way and I would rather it not. It's quite simple...personal opinion, no reason to imply ignorance by one party or another. I myself like to think that people can be trusted and those who cannot should be punished. I do not believe that it is the government's job to keep it's citizens trust worthy by legislating morality to the degree that was proposed. It's fine that you feel otherwise and you have a pefectly reasonable right to feel that way...no ill will towards you for it either.

    Sueing someone has nothing to do with taking away a person's right...most of the time a law suit is filed for perhaps, slander, and usually punishment (if the party is found guilty) is a monitary punishment...not anything remotely close to taking away that persons right to say what he/she said. Do you know what it takes within a particular state to be arrested for a hate crime??? Each state has it's own definition of a hate crime some more strict than others...most of the time if there was an arguement and one is arrested there has to be a threat involved...threat of bodily harm or otherwise... Arrest in that case is completely warrented...punishment may or may not be dealt depending on the ruling of a court system.

    What state did the above take place in (where the woman was fired)? What were it's laws regarding such actions and complaints??? Did you perhaps mean sexual herassment rather than discrimination? Do you really know how often this happens in the US...? Do you know how many times she referred to the vet tech or others using sexual slang prior to the incident? Who's right would you want to take away in this instance...the right of the person to complain about the use of the term? The right of the person using the term? or the right of the company to terminate the woman for likely repeated uses of sexual slang words...? Do you know how many times this woman had been reprimanded for such actions? If the woman was wrongly fired (can't fire someone with one such comment in most states in the US) the woman could easily have sued the company and won. One more thing...the woman is still free right? She lost her job...but she didn't go to jail for the comment right? So...she's free to find another job and perhaps re-think her use of slang in a professional environment. The system actually worked in this instance...the woman was just not exactly happy about how it worked out for her in the end... In lots of other country's out there she wouldn't have even been allowed to hold a job, much less speak to a man in that manner.

    Before you laugh regarding your presumptions you may want to learn a bit more about the legal system in the US (state by state that is) when you comment as you did. Truly your comments were offensive on a level that was completely unwarrented.

  2. DeLaUK

    DeLaUK New Member

    the above statement insinuates that the UK and Germany have less freedom (freedom of speech usually goes hand in hand with having the freedom to make choices, speaking your mind is a choice) because the UK is a Monarchy???
    I lived in California for almost as long as Ive lived in the UK so no I dont know what all the States individual laws are, pretty clued up to California laws though and as California is part of the US then sorry to tell you this but America does work that way, there are laws banning abortion in some States, there are laws in various cities in California making it illegal to give or sell puppies under 8 weeks old and I know for a fact that there are people there working on getting better laws regarding breeding, will take a while but they will probably get there before the UK does.

    The US is not as free as you seem to think it is, actually the way American laws control what you can and cant do can be summed up with 3 letters....BSL.
  3. Sara

    Sara New Member

    We can and do fight BSL often. Colorado is a perfect example of the freedoms insisted upon by the people of that state being granted through the constitution of the United States. Laws in small towns and cities were crazy with BSL flying all over the place putting dogs down left and right etc... But the breed fanciers fought back and won. It is illegal in the State of Colorado for any county or city (excluding Denver City Limits) to place any breed specific legislation of any kind. New York has also made BSL illegal within it's state...a few are following their lead....

    You are funny though...you WANT BSL here in this thread (legislation based on a breed) but there you point out that BECAUSE it exists in some of our states it's pointing to our lack of freedom???? You are making no sense and have seemingly argued yourself into a hole.

    Since you do not know specific legal laws from state to state you CAN NOT make any guestimation as to how much freedoms we do have in the US...you CAN NOT because our states are who ultimately makes our laws for those living within that state...for instance... I can carry a gun ANYWHERE except a school, bar, or church...other states it's illegal to carry a gun anywhere... In my state I don't have to register my gun...in most any state in the US you have to register a gun... Those laws are the easiest to point out differences amongst states... No state is allowed to ban abortion (except late term) as it is CONSTITUTIONALLY illegal to do so. If those in California don't like their lack of "freedom" due to California's laws then they can simply move to a more leanient state... We have no emissions law in my own state for instance...nothing more than what the national standards have been set at that is...

    As I state above...you CAN NOT presume to know what folks in the US are allowed to do and not allowed to do unless you know state by state for the most part...THAT is our freedom my friend. To live in a state where we tell our law makers what laws we wish to see on our books and what laws we don't wish to see in our books. It's up to US to make that happen and no one else. Majority is ruler so in order to make it work we just have to get off our butts and make it work...those folks in Colorado did so and won.

  4. Rice and Gravy

    Rice and Gravy New Member

    Re: You must say no?

    To answer your question: No, that's not being a responsible APBT owner. Doing your homework about the dog you want before you actually own the dog is being a responsible APBT owner, IMO.

    Yes, dogs aren't cars, but I agree with that poster's comment. I'll make it simple.

    When I know that I'm ready to have children, I'll most likely talk to and get advice from those who already have kids. I'll research about what kids do at certain ages. More so, I'll talk to those that are GOOD at raising kids. Guess that just how I am. I don't care for surprises too much. I plan ahead.


    Of course, there will be unexpected things that arise in raising our breed of dogs. But, at the end of the day, one MUST prepare him/her self about the breed BEFORE purchasing a pup. That will taper the incidents and assist with providing the dog a good quality of life, IMO.

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