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what is your favorite cichlid

Discussion in 'Fish and Aquarium - all types' started by Fish Addict, Mar 23, 2004.

  1. figgy

    figgy New Member

    :eek: Good mornin',

    Well, IMO with these two species I would do a little more research before housing in a tank of more aggressive species you are considering :shock: IMHO I would either concentrate on an aggressive genre like, :x Pseudotropheus or less aggressive, like ELECTRIC YELLOW, BLUE DOLPHIN, BORLEYI, PEACOCKS, RUSTY
    to name a few. Keep in mind that just because these are "less aggressive" does not mean there won't be chasing going on, and interest in your aquarium, & you'll fall asleep watching your fish ](*,) All african cichlids are aggressive fish, some more than others, but they are all interesting to watch.

    You have a nice tank size to work with, and what you want may work, just keep in mind...There is a possibility that your choice of fish will not co-exist peacefully. Your less aggressive ones may suffer from stress :( or worse :cry: I'll share what I know about the species you mentioned & let you decide what will work best for you :wink:


    Easy to keep, & pretty adaptable.
    Although slow growing, males are known to reach over 11" & females 8"
    Unlike the mbuna's, the "Malawi Blue Dolphin" is found in shallow waters of Lake Malawi.
    Males develop nuchal hump.


    Easy to keep, & adaptable.
    Grows to 9"
    Not a picky eater - ALGAE EATER :wink: :idea:

    Both are non-aggressive & may have a hard time with more aggressive tank mates.

    Both are large, beautiful Malawi Cichlids :mrgreen:
  2. raghu_gg

    raghu_gg New Member


    I would love to have Oscars and Severums

    DUCKLE-BUM New Member

    Duckle-bum likes the ol' Oscars, personality counts for a lot :mrgreen:
  4. barupa

    barupa New Member

    I would have to say Parrot Cichlids just there personalitys.
    second would be Discuss so nice,
  5. Fish Addict

    Fish Addict New Member

    thanks for you info it is very hard to pick well have to just keep researching

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