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What is your oldest Fish?

Discussion in 'Fish and Aquarium - all types' started by Kirk, Jan 30, 2007.

  1. Kirk

    Kirk New Member

    I have had a pictus catfish for about seven years and thats my oldest fish (the first fish I bought for that tank). Anyone got a good story?
  2. damon93

    damon93 New Member

    I have a red bellied piranah. I have had for just over ten years. I have many other varieties in different aquariums, and have had as many as 15 piranah at once. This one seems to survive numerous onslaughts. A few that come to mind are a short in a local sub-station that killed our power for a 24 hour period that blew the ballasts in the tank light and suffocated 11 others of his kind. A severe case of ich that took out three more. Then after I had raised another three to be tankmates, my lovely wife decided to play her own version of "While You Were Out". She moved the entire tank into another room. To do this she drained all but about four inches of water, then refilled it with 45 degree tap water. Killed the replacement tank mates. he has been through alot but has survived. He has become blind in his left eye through all this. I have decided to just leave him as he is. a thrivin loner.
  3. Shineillusion

    Shineillusion New Member

    I have an eight year old Chinese Algea Eater. He's survived a power outage in the winter that froze all his tankmates. He survived a 10 hour trip in the car when I moved. He survived me getting fed up with his constant picking on the other fish and putting him in a quart sized Mason jar for a day, while I decided what to do with him. I finally relented and put him back in the tank, and he hasn't bothered the other fish since then, and it's been 6 years. He's an impressive 8 inches long now, and he's a very good fish.
  4. Kirk

    Kirk New Member

    The both sound like hardy and interesting fish.
  5. tled6448

    tled6448 New Member

    I have a 18 inch 9 year old plecostomus. My sister bought him at walmart. He was about 2 inches. He has jumped out of the tank, broke the heater, made my sister bleed by sticking his bony spines in her hand when she was trying to put him back in the tank. I also had a huge pacu that jumped out because he would get scared of his shadow.
  6. freak1015

    freak1015 New Member

    my oldest fish is little the goldfish. she is 2 years old and an inch and a half.
  7. lyssa5195

    lyssa5195 New Member

    My oldest fish is 1 day old and already sick...it is a scout fish though
  8. lyssa5195

    lyssa5195 New Member

    My oldest fish is 1 day old and already sick...it is a scout fish though

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