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what ot do with so many fish?

Discussion in 'Fish and Aquarium - all types' started by honeybears, Oct 6, 2005.

  1. honeybears

    honeybears New Member

    I have a goldfish pond and its getting out of control, I think I now have 40 fish, they keep multiplying and on and on

    so what to do
  2. t_chelle16

    t_chelle16 New Member

    Start asking around at pet shops and see if they'll take any.

    I've been lucky and so far I've only had 2 babies survive in the 2 years that I've had my pond.

  3. honeybears

    honeybears New Member

    Chelle, thats not a bad idea. one of the fish I know because of its markings is 7 years old! I tell you they are hard to kill on accident I mean.

    When were building our big fish pond we had our fish spread out and had quite afew in our 3 tiered fountain outside, well my husband put water in it and forgot to turn off the hose that ran all night, because of the chlorine, it killed all of fish. He was devestated. He cleaned out the big bowl on the bottom, and drained it, cleaned it and filled the bottom again, the upper 2 bowls wre left with a few inches of water and we left the foutnain off for a month. So this is a big fountain, about 6 feet tall, for some reason I decided to to climb up and look in the upper 2 bowels and there were baby fish in them! So the pump must have carried fish eggs up to to upper bowls before the fish died since we hadnt had the pump since then I told my husband he couldnt believe it, he was so happy.

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