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what poo mix is best for young children if any?

Discussion in 'Dogs - small breeds (toy) specific' started by pitlove, Apr 6, 2004.

  1. pitlove

    pitlove New Member

    Ok. so we are looking to get a toy dog - something small, something that doesn't shed, hopefully doesn't bark, that we can make a family indoor pet. We have an 18 month old daughter and are planning on having more. I grew up with lhasa apso and remember her being very affectionate...i was looking into the poo mixes (for that non-shedding quality) and wanted to get some opinions from people who already own one. Any suggestions? Thanks
  2. PooGirl13

    PooGirl13 New Member

  3. MyBabyShihPoo

    MyBabyShihPoo New Member

    PooGirl provided a great site to look at the various poo mixes! :idea:

    I have two shih-poos, both are EXCELLENT dogs in every sense (of course I am probably a bit biased :wink: ). Since you mentioned that you have a little one, I should probably mention that my two shih-poos just ADORE children, so that would probably be a definite plus for you. Also, they shed VERY, and I mean VERY, little. In addition to all that, they do indeed make for an excellent family pet. They have a charming, happy-go-lucky type of personality, and are always willing to fill that empty spot on your lap! BUT, you mentioned wanting a quiet dog, and well...mine definitely aren't! They surely don't bark so much that it is to the point of annoying, but they do like to exercise those vocal cords of theirs. :mrgreen:

    There are lots of poo owners on this board, so I am sure they will have their opinion as well!

    Good luck on your search for that perfect poo!
  4. Alabamamom1

    Alabamamom1 New Member

    Well, I am not sure which would be best, but I have a maltipoo and I would not say they are the best for small children. In fact if you follow the link to the dog breed info, it says just that. Maltipoos do better w/ older, more considerate children. --I guess it just depends on the individual dog. I have heard that a Shichon (Shih tzu/Bichon) are good w/ small children and I believe both are nonshedding. Just a thought.
  5. pitlove

    pitlove New Member


    it says that about most poo mixes. My daughter is very gentle with our cat and always has been. she's never rough or anything, but she does do loud things sometimes that i would worry about startling our new pup/dog. also, i was wondering if anyone knew if it made a difference if how they were raised the first 6-8 weeks of life made a difference - the lady i was talking to raised her pups in a family environment around a lot of kids....
  6. MyBabyShihPoo

    MyBabyShihPoo New Member

    Yes, I do believe that plays a significant role. (Early socialization with all types of people is EXTREMELY important for any dog! :idea: ) Although, I do believe that some dog breeds are just plain 'ole better with "older, more considerate children."

    Just my opinion of course! :D
  7. Kristine

    Kristine New Member

    My cousin had a lhasa poo that she got when her oldest daughter was about 4. The dog got along fine with her daughter and daughters friends. However, when she had a baby about 4 years later--the lhasa poo did not get along with the baby. It growled whenever the baby was on the floor near it. They ended up giving away the dog as my cousin did not want to take any chances. I dont think the dog was around babies although it was around young children quite frequently and had no trouble with them.
  8. MonsterBailey

    MonsterBailey New Member


    My shihpoo is awesome with kids!!! :idea: I have nieces and nephews that range from 1 - 18 and he does awesome. He has been around them since we brought Bailey home.... in fact my youngest nephew was a little wild in the beginning (didn't know the difference between pet and POUND.... O:) hehe)... and Bailey did great! Bailey even got stepped on a couple of times and never once snapped at anyone (which, would have been WARRANTED hehehe.... but still not condoned [-X ). It's funny, his favorite is my 18 year old and 2 year old nephews! :) So it's definitely not a 'size' thing. :-#

    Bailey absolutely adores kids! He is very friendly with all the kids that we see -- especially on walks when kids walk up to him and want to pet him. [-o<

    In my opinion, obviously, the way you raise them will make more of a difference than the breed/mix is..... :) (altho, I agree the breed/mix is important too)
  9. bellasmommy

    bellasmommy New Member

    bella (half shih tzu half toy poodle) a shih poo is excellent with children as well. however, she is not too much of a barker. my parents have a lhasa apso who barks a lot more than bella. bella barks when she wants attention. when children are around that never seems to be a problem :)
    if you have any more specific questions i would be more than happy to answer them. i'm sure everyone else on the board will provide great info too :)
  10. MonsterBailey

    MonsterBailey New Member

    I should have mentioned that Bailey is not much of a barker either... Don't get me wrong, he'll bark when he should -- doorbell, other noises in backyard, etc..... but he is actually pretty good about yappin/barkin!
  11. ilovemaltipoos

    ilovemaltipoos New Member

    I have never had a problem with my maltipoos being anything but good with kids of all ages .Never had anyone say they were not or I would say that .Alot has to do with how they are raised ...They should be with mom until at least 7 weeks or longer if possible and then go through the I am afraid stage before ever being placed and any pet (no matter what type ) should be supervised with younger children ,that is a given .
    It stands to reason if a puppy is hurt it will growl or bite back out of fear .,pain ..So if picked up by the tail or neck or leg ,....well.....it is hurting ...I would bite too ...and more ,then the puppy feels and remembers pain and will more than apt be more agressive toward children .My advice is ...supervise any child until the child and puppy both can adapt and understand one is not to harm another .Supervision is the key ...
  12. MyBabyShihPoo

    MyBabyShihPoo New Member

    MonsterBailey & Bellasmommy~

    I have always been curious as to whether other shih-poos are talkative like mine or not, so I am glad you two brought it up in your posts. Most shih-poo owners that I have personally spoken with say that their shih-poos are pretty vocal (not to the point of annoying though), but since I have only spoken with a few shih-poo owners, I have always wanted to hear from more shih-poo owners on what their shih-poos were like in that regard.

    Interesting to hear! :D
  13. poodlechic101

    poodlechic101 New Member

    poodle mixes

    My toy poodle puppy LOVES children. She is great with sister and brother. Biscuit is a little talker. She doesn`t really bark, just whine(maybe just a puppy thing?) Hope this helps!

    poodlechic101 :D
  14. Trixiepoo

    Trixiepoo New Member

    my SHIH A POO is really friendly and gets along with everyone she is also very smart. Shih a poo's r hair dogs and my mom who is allergic is fine with her she also sheds very little and is very good 4 a first dog

  15. Jas

    Jas New Member

    You could try looking at different mixed breeds on Petfinder www.petfinder.com There you will find plenty of dogs of all ages in need of a home :y_the_best:
  16. sandangel

    sandangel New Member

    I have Cockapoo, Lhasapoo, Shihpoo, Shih tzu and Chihuahuas and used to have a Maltipoo. I think Maltipoos are doll babies but in my opinion a bit more on the delicate side for young children. The cockapoos seem to be real barkers.The Shihpoos and Lhasapoos bark less but I have to put mymoney on ths Shih tzu for the one I like best as far as barking goes. They are the least vocal of all my dogs and also make great pets . i have toddlers and older children and they do great with them. I also really don't have hardly any shedding from them. peekapoo's are also very good but like the other poo mixes tend to be barky sometimes. :lol:
  17. ilovemaltipoos

    ilovemaltipoos New Member

    One thing Maltipoos are not is delicate ,at least not mine .They can jump straight up at least 4 ft seems like .Cleo can clear the 16 ' den in one leap and Sammy talkes steps three to 5 at a time ..i have never seen one that wasn't agile ,even my Callie that weighs in at 5 lbs ,she can clear a room when needed to .I think they get it from the Poodle ..Jump and run like the wind !
  18. sandangel

    sandangel New Member

    I said delicate meaning more fragile then the other breeds . This is not the same as saying they aren't agile.
  19. pitlove

    pitlove New Member


    So we went with a yorkie poo. She's 12 weeks old and so far so good. The breeder had here around other dogs and kids so that was a plus for us. I'll post pics on dogster whenever i get my dig camera working again.

    any tips on potty training? she HATES the crate. I think she may have some separation issues already. she cries VERY Loudly for such a little pup if she can't get to us right away...i think it also might have to do with her being in a new place so i'm giving her a little leeway on that one. Tahnks so much for everyones advice! :)
  20. ilovemaltipoos

    ilovemaltipoos New Member

    Yorkiepoos are loud little creatures ,that is for sure ! More than apt is anxiety ...watch her and give her a little hooney each day on your finger to keep that sugar up .
    Glad you found your baby ..Hope all goes well for you and her ...Send us picts !

    You can page me if I am needed :0020: LOL !

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