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what size collar for full grown shih-poo

Discussion in 'Dogs - small breeds (toy) specific' started by golfgirl, Nov 1, 2006.

  1. golfgirl

    golfgirl New Member

    Hi all the shih-pooh owners here! I need help picking a collar for my Bailey. What size collar do all your full grown shih-poo's wear? Bailey is almost 5 months now, but the collar I want to get her for Christmas is $$, so I thought I would get her one for when she is full grown. my choices are 8-11 inches or 11-14 inches. right now her measurement is 9 inches. Thanks for everyones help in this!
  2. Shineillusion

    Shineillusion New Member

    You really need to wait until she's fully grown to decide what size collar she'll need. Size can vary a great deal from dog to dog, especially in mixed breeds. Some Shih Poo's might not have a 9 inch neck when they're fully grown, others can be much larger. It all depends on the individual dog, how big it's parent's are, and which side of the family your pup takes after.

    A lot of it is also going to depend on how you feed her. If you allow her to get fat she'll need a larger collar than if you keep her weight where it should be.
  3. TeddysMom

    TeddysMom New Member

    My Shihpoo is 2 years old and 11pds. He wears size 11-14in collars.
  4. gypsy

    gypsy New Member

    Another thing to consider...........harnesses are much safer for little dogs. And they are a terrific handle if you need to pick your dog up quickly, in emergency situations.
  5. TeddysMom

    TeddysMom New Member

    I have a collar on my shihpoo with his name tag and rabies tag, however when I walk him, I use a harness.

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