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What stage am I at with my parakeets?

Discussion in 'Birds - all breeds / types' started by Lithium Kraft, Jul 16, 2005.

  1. Lithium Kraft

    Lithium Kraft New Member

    Hi there. I've been inactive for a while (but I'm sure some of you still remember me).

    As some of you know, I am the proud owner of two budgies - One from the wild (Skittles) and one from a local breeder (Rainbow). I have been performing training techniques that I make up on the spot for a while now, and I'm wondering what I should do next. Here is a list of what I can do.

    Each day around 10:00 am, I open their cage door and let them fly around free for a while.

    At around 11:00 am, I come in the room and they're both on top of the cage, doing parakeet "stuff". Rainbow comes to the edge of the cage closest to where I am. I pick up the bag of millet spray and sprinkle some into the palm of my hand. Both parakeets get excited and begin bobbing their heads up and down (you know). I bring my hand (open) to the edge nearest to the parakeets, and then say "up-up" repeatedly to the birds. Rainbow hops on to my hand and Skittles hesitates for a while. Once they begin eating, I praise them for a little bit. Sometimes the birds argue over who gets to sit on "The Hand", and sometimes they share the hand. But they argue the majority of the time.

    So, I was wondering what stage I'm at with my birds. What should I do next. I was thinking of training them inside the cage, but it's hard. They seem to not like the presence of my hand in the cage. They only accept it when they're outside the cage.
  2. parakeetlover321

    parakeetlover321 New Member

    Wow i tell u

    The stage u are on with your keets is a very very good one. You should be very happy! :D

    The next step i would recomend is to get then on your finger while there INSIDE the cage this builds trust and companen ship between you and your birds.

    Always give fruit to your birds
  3. charmedagain

    charmedagain New Member

    Hi congratulations on the progress.
    Your doing a very good job with them, Since they are willing to come to your hand when out of the cage and you have millet in your hand then i really don't see any reason to try and train them to come to the hand while in the cage.

    The reason for hand taming is so when they are out the will come to you so that you can put them back in there cage and so that you can hold them without them wanting to get away from you.

    What i would start and do is when you get there bag of millet call to them by saying something like treat time and place some in your hand about 2inches away from the cage, Each day get further away from the cage and allow them to fly over to you praise them each time the do this successfully.
    You can also place your hand to your shoulder this will teah them to sit on your shoulder aswell.

    If you are wanting to tame them inside the cage then start slowly as you can panic them and this will set you back on there trust and will stop coming to you when out of the cage.

    Never try and grab them always let them come to you, You want them to trust you hand and not to be afraid of it.
    Start by holding your hand inside the cage for a few minutes slowly moving towards them each time you place your hand in the cage, If they start flapping around trying to get away hold your hand still until they settle.

    Since they associate your hand with feeding them millet show them the bag and that your placing some in your hand while they are in the cage again use the treat time and step up method.

    They will soon learn that even when they are in there cage your hand is safe and not there to hurt them and theyw ill come straight to you without any problems.

    Your doing great so do it at your own pace only you know your birds body language and know when they have had enough use there body as a signal as to when to stop and give them a break.

    Keep us posted of there progress.


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