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what would you do?

Discussion in 'General Topics & Support Issues' started by FMgurl43, Oct 15, 2005.

  1. FMgurl43

    FMgurl43 New Member

    ok im am soo mad right now... so bare w/ me it might end up long but i really need advise... ok my brother had a bronco (truck) that was the first vehichle he ever bought himself when he was about 19, hes in his 30's now anyways its what i learned to drive, we just have sooooo many memories in it anyways he moved to kentucky about 3 months ago and signed the title over to me on the bronco, b/c he didnt want to sell it he wants it in the family and i am more then happy to have gotten it. ok heres the thing... b4 heleft he got a new motor 4 it and the motor is at my dads work and the truck (the body) is at a friend of my dads house until we get the motor in it (or well we thought) ok well i have had the titla since my brother left 4 kentucky its in my name, and i just got the keys sent down to me from kentucky today. well my brother and dad both said that they have ben trying to get ahold of this guy mike who is holding it 4 us on his land and we were gonna move it this weekend to get it to the shop to have the motor in it well this guys hasnt called them back 4 a month and a half sooo i decided i would go out to his place and take a look at my truck and get the miliage off of it 4 the title and come to my suprise when i get there my truck is gone!!!!!!!! its not at the guys shop and its not at his house... all his workers say they have nver even seen it out there which i know is a lie b/c ive went out there b4 and seen the same ppl when the truck was there... anyways i have been told that this guys the type that will go behind our back and just sell it... and my dada and brother say if he did theres nothing i can do about it.. but i dont think thats sooo i mean i am the one w/ the title and the keys...and if it was sold no one gave this guy permission to sell it....i have asked the sherrifs office on what i can do but they tell me i ned to find out from mike if he sold it or what he did w/ my truck first and then to call them back once i get more info.. and also if he did sell it i need to get the persons name address etc...i just feel hopeless...it may have not been much to anyone els but it means alot to me even if i got offere alot of money 4 it i would have to refuse b/c of what the truck means to me....and i have a feeling that if this guys sold it then it was probably made into a swamp buggy or will be soon and if that happens then the truck is just gone, there will be nothing left but parts.... i am just soo heartbroken, me and my bro are sooo close and 4 him to give this to me and i promsied id pass it to my nephews etc andnow its just gone and i am unable to get any answers from this man he wont even return my calls...i know there is something i can do i just dont know what... like i said i feel hopeless i dunno what to do.. how to make this guy mike talk to me nd give me answers and go from there....i just really need some advise....thanks for at least reading this...
  2. kc5gvn

    kc5gvn New Member

    I would just simply file a vehicle theft report giving the last known location where it was in storage. This forces the police to investigate rather than you. It also forces him to explain to the police what happened to the vehicle rather than to you which he probably wouldn't do anyway. The police have all kinds of authoriity in this matter, and you really have none.
  3. Shineillusion

    Shineillusion New Member

    Laws vary from state to state, but you might check with your Secretary of State's office and see if they can verify that a duplicate title or junk title was issued for the truck. If so, one of two things happened; either the truck was declared abandoned, in which case there may not be much you can do, or he forged your signature.

    You can file a stolen vehicle report...you will probably get better results if you file with the state police, rather than the local sheriff. You can take him to small claims court, which might result in you finding out who has the truck or what happened to it faster than the stolen vehicle report, especially if they chopped it up for parts.

    You also might see if you can get a free consultation with an attorney. Many of them offer free consultations. Just look in the phone book.
  4. FMgurl43

    FMgurl43 New Member

    thanks everyone... i know that he will not tell me what happened to it, from what i hear thats just how he is.. as far as him doing my signature he still thinks that it belongs to my brother soooo...he would of had to do my brothers sign..i will try calling around on monday since nothing is open on sundays and see what is said then... everytime i run into having to call the cops 4 something they always want me to do the investigating,,, when they are the ones who get paid 4 it...just being to lazy i guess.... i did go driving around that area again today looking 4 it and still had no luck and its a very very small town sooo theres not to much work in driving everywhere....i just hope i can get some answers by monday i did email a few goverment offices asking 4 advise last night but didnt relize that it was saturday either....the waiting is just making me more and more upset!!!!im ready to find this guya nd just beat the crap outta him... :m36: :m3: :m26:

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