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What would you have done ?

Discussion in 'Dogs - small breeds (toy) specific' started by ilovemaltipoos, Mar 28, 2004.

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  1. ilovemaltipoos

    ilovemaltipoos New Member

    OK ...yesterday I had to make a trip to the vet .Sam ran out and jumped in the car and he is a little wild man at the vets office cause he is a favorite of all and he visits each office ,the dogs in the back ,every place or person that he can and is very friendly .Just about all the time Dr.Williams scoops him up and puts him in the back until we finish what we need to do and then lets him back out to finish his 'visitations"
    Now ,yesterday a man was sitting on the bench seat and Sam jumped upon the bench ,he KNOCKED Sammy in the floor !!!
    I picked up Sam and took him to the car ,came back in to slam the man's head through the wall and he was gone ...So I am looking for him ...GOt his name and number .this morning ..My deliema ...Sould I pay him a personal visit or just call or both ? If I call ,he WILL know I am on my way ...What would you do ? :x
  2. MyBabyShihPoo

    MyBabyShihPoo New Member

    Need one piece of info. before I reply: Did your Sammy jump on the man, or just jump on the bench next to the man?
  3. ilovemaltipoos

    ilovemaltipoos New Member

    No ,he jumped on the bench beside him ..he did not have time to do anything else .Automatically ,KNOCKED in the floor .The man reached over and slammed him .Like this seat is already taken and you cant have it type thing .Must have been a spirit of an animal he had mistreated sitting next to him .
  4. ilovemaltipoos

    ilovemaltipoos New Member

    Also ,if you don't like animals ,why are you in a vets office ?
  5. ilovemaltipoos

    ilovemaltipoos New Member

    And the thing was I was right behind Sam and was getting ready to take him to the car anyway .He fell right at my feet .I am not a happy camper about it .Ilooked him straight in the eye and if my looks were any indication ,he knew to get out the side door quick and leave and that is what he did .
  6. MyBabyShihPoo

    MyBabyShihPoo New Member

    Well, I know I probably won't get any popularity votes for saying this, but I am going to share MY opinion anyway:

    It is my personal belief that one should always leash their dog when going into public areas, not only for safety reasons, but also for the sake of others. Not everyone likes dogs, and some might be scared of them, for those two reasons alone I believe it is important to respect that fact and leash the pup...friendly pup or not. (I am not accusing you of wrong doing, for I realize your intentions.)

    In absolutely NO way am I excusing this man's behavior, but one must contemplate why it was done. Most who do such an act as that man did, are simply doing it out of fear. Should he have handled the situation differently? Absolutely!!! But, when people are put in situations where they must act in a split-second, rational thinking and responses aren't always apt to happen; and not to mention, usually don't!

    Sure that is a thought that comes up, but there are other things to consider. I know a few people who are utterly terrified of dogs, yet they still have to bring their cat, bird, rabbit, whatever the animal, to the vet. Those people can't simply avoid the vet b/c they don't like dogs. (Although, I think they feel a little more comfortable going to the vets office without having to worry too much b/c the rules at the office are that EVERY dog must be leashed...even the vet leashes her dogs when she brings them in)

    I personally wouldn't bother confronting the man due to the fact that I don't believe it would get you anywhere (besides maybe an apology if he feels guilty about it). I obviously do not know this man's personality so I can't predict how he might react to you confronting him, but I would suspect that he will either avoid you, or quickly terminate the conversation or meet.

    I understand what you experienced is causing you significant anger, for I believe it would with anyone, myself included. Therefore, I am not saying you shouldn't be angry, as a matter of fact, I believe you are most definitely justified in feeling the way you do! At the same time, as hard as it may seem, I would shrug it off and move on.

    I would sit down and think about whether confronting this man is really worth it or not. Ultimately it is your choice, and if you do decide to confront him I would wait a little while to let yourself cool down a bit. It is always better to confront someone with a cool head! :idea:

    I am sorry to hear that happened, and I hope Sammy is OK!!! :D

    (I sincerely hope this doesn't come across wrong...so please don't think I am pointing fingers at you, for I am not! Rather, I am just trying to make some sense out of it and look at both sides.)
  7. ilovemaltipoos

    ilovemaltipoos New Member

    I don't think you are pointing fingers ,but I have seen kids in restaurants and in hospitals and in public that I thought needed a leash more than SAM . Now those you really fear ...LOL ! ANd ..Sam had his leash on,I had just turned it loose to pick up a bag of dog food .and he ran in front of me ,usually he heads behind the counter where Amy and the other vets pick up and pet and carry around ,this time he just jumped up on the bench not 2 feet from me ..Fear I would have understood if Sam weighed 70 lbs and was growling .... then fear ,he weighs soaking wet maybe 7 lbs and has never growled in his life .Not alot there to fear .And I was right there ,not like he was a strange dog foaming at the mouth or uncontrolable .
    I am angry .What I do I will do however with thought and care .Earlier I was still in the mood to do physical harm .Now ,I am just going to sit and write him a letter ,explainning the differerence in being human and humane .Plus ,I found out my vet has already called him and let them know of their displeasure in what he done .That helps calm me alot.
    You should always have a pet on leash in public but there are times when even a leash is not the problem but PEOPLE .

    PS ...The man owns hunting dogs ...he cannot fear a tiny thing like Sam .What my vet said was ...he said he doesn't like small dogs ...We told him that was no excuse for his irrational behavior in our office .
  8. MyBabyShihPoo

    MyBabyShihPoo New Member

    Oh yes, I have definitely agree with you on that one!!! LOL :lol:

    Never underestimate the power of a little dog! I have seen a few (mostly in the shelter) that look as innocent as could be UNTIL you get close to them, and OH MY GOODNESS :shock: I think they would scare the strongest and most fearless human alive!!!

    *I do realize that your Sammy isn't like that though!

    Sounds like a good plan!

    Have a great evening!!! :D
  9. ilovemaltipoos

    ilovemaltipoos New Member

    oh ,I know about how some little dogs and how they can be as frighting as any large dog ..I have rescued a few like that ...LOL !
    I have calmed alot more today but can't help but think that his getaway was for his benefit and for mine ,cause if I had found him there when I came back in the door ....well ...his head would have hit a wall very hard and i would have been in jail over the weekend ...And I don't think that would have been good for me or him or even Sam .
    Sam is fine ,he was limping alittle yesterday but was checked and they thought he would be fine ,no broken bones ,I am sending the 'gentleman' the bill along with my letter .Sam seems back to normal walking today ,so more than apt he will be fine .He just has to start not being so people friendly .He just wants to meet everyone he sees and thinks they all want to see him be cute ....THank shihpoo for talking with me on this issue .
  10. dbuzzw

    dbuzzw New Member

    "...can't help but think that his getaway was for his benefit and for mine ,cause if I had found him there when I came back in the door ....well ...his head would have hit a wall very hard and i would have been in jail over the weekend ..."

    Sorry, but this made me laugh out loud! I would've felt the same way. I think it's great the vet office called him to let him know how wrong he was. And a letter sounds like the best idea. Whatever you do, don't confront him. It'll just make matters worse - he's not going to change. Sounds like he's embarrassed already and knows he was wrong.[/quote]
  11. Jas

    Jas New Member

    Hey MyBaby, you gained one popularity vote :wink: , I agree with you completely here.

    The background of this man is not known, and while his actions may have been somewhat harsh no one knows what/how he feels, what he was thinking at that moment. Perhaps his dog/cat (or?) just died or was ill, who knows. Now if one of my large dogs had done this, they may be deemed vicious. Why should it be any different for a small dog coming at/near someone.

    You got his name and number? I'd be concerned about getting my vet in trouble for disclosing confidential/personal information. I really don't think calling him up will be of any benefit to anyone. Sounds like a grumpy man having a bad day. As sad as it is not everyone likes dogs.....

    P.S. I THINK the man was slightly insensitive for doing that to a dog who for all he knew was ill or in pain! :(
  12. MonsterBailey

    MonsterBailey New Member

    I agree.... I think that it was PERFECT that the vet's office let him know it was completely inappropriate and not tolerated and I think the letter and bill for you is a good idea. You needed to calm down too.... hehe.....I'm a firm believer in things happening for a reason (so good thing he was gone! hehe). (And believe me, I would have felt the same way). I'm sure he's going to ignore and toss the bill, but you know that you're point will be made.

    Personally, I feel he should have gotten up and left ---- In my opinion, if he had issues with dogs, then HE SHOULD have stood up and walked away from Sam, not throw Sam to the ground. Who, the heck, made HIM King of the bench anyways!!? :) Bailey is the exact same way as Sam.... he is so incredibly friendly and will go up to anybody! He's always on a leash in public (cuz the brat is a runner!), so I always try to reel him in unless the people are okay with it. But I can imagine me droppin the leash like you did and him running up to a stranger for some lovin...yipes, so if we ever get into a similar situation, I'll be sure to call 1-800-MALTI-THE-BODYGUARD, k? :)
  13. ilovemaltipoos

    ilovemaltipoos New Member

    Jas ...did not get the name and number from the vet ,so don't go there ,but from a lady that was in the office and saw the same thing I saw ,she knew him .A customer of the vet .I just happen to know her .She called me after I got home and gave me his name and number .SHe had to look it up in the book and I do not have that phone book to that city ,she also said that he bolted out the side door when all the people in there was just staring at him with open mouths .ALso ,I cannot image anyone that had just lost a dear pet ,slamming someone elses pet to the floor ,somehow that just don't jive .EXCUSE 'I am grieving because I lost a pet ,so in my grief I will make sure your pet and you suffer also " Give me a break here !

    My vet called him cause he disappered on them before they could say anything .They just told me they contacted him and let him know of their displeasure .

    He was in there to buy some shots ,no dead dog or cat or anything else ,he doesn't like small dogs .Needs to get bit by his hunting dogs a few times ,if you ask me .

    Thanks Monster ,yeah I know he will toss it but he will get it anyway .
    I do have a temper ,and tossing the fool would have been very enjoyable .I have a black belt ,they taught us not to use karate unless under dire situations ,I was even Program director of the school for a long time ,but I never quite learned to control my temper ,got that from my grandmother I guess .

    I fully believe if you "let " people hurt you ,your or anyone elses animals or children for any reason ,they will do it over and over and to their own as well . .Once a slug always a slug and I am not one given to all this "They are afraid cause a dog growled at them once or was biten once or was /was not molested as a child ,so I am sorry I chopped up half a doen kids and raped 80 women , or drugs is the excuse ,I took some speed and killed a cop ,I wouldn't have done if if I had not been "high " ...Lord have mercy on the fools that believe all that crap ." You are what you are and only you can change for the better . Too many make excuses and get away with it ...I am just straight forward and tell it like it is .I have been biten by a dog ,scratched and bite by a cat ,snake bit ,horse thrown ,butted by a goat ,bird bit ,goose flogged and slapped around by my first husband and I don't go out and hurt an animal or child because of it .
    If you hurt one of mine ,expect to get hurt if you don't run too fast cause I am a fatty patty now .Excuses you can give to some fool that will actually believe it , not me . Fear is a manmade excuse .I can fear I will die ,but I will ,so accept it .
    Too many excuses ,not enough decency in this world .Need less people making excuses and more living in the real world .
    Have a great day !
  14. elizavixen

    elizavixen New Member

    I have to say I agree with MyBabyShihPoo. I also don't see how you can send him a bill. This technically was your fault. I also see no reason in confronting him for that same reason. Your dog is your responsibility. Some people react differently to dogs. He doesn't know your dog so I feel he had every right to react any way he chooses to it. Maybe he did overreact in your eyes but you do not know his history, his personality, anything about him to make that decision for him. I wouldn't have reacted that way, but I am very comfortable around dogs.

    Also, size really has nothing to do with it. I don't have toy dogs, I have giant breed dogs. There have been several occassions where the owners of toy dogs have let their dogs off their leash to roam around and do as they please. Their excuse is the same as yours "well, he's 7 lbs soaking wet". It irritates me especially when I have my female with me b/c she doesn't like other dogs. So what would happen if your dog came running over to my dog and my dog bit him? Would that be my fault? And anyways, some of the most aggressive dogs I have seen have been toy dogs.

    Bottomline, you should have been in control of your dog.

    BTW, I just reread my post and I don't mean to come off rude. I just feel that you need to take responsibility for this and not try to blame someone else.
  15. ilovemaltipoos

    ilovemaltipoos New Member

    God ! Some of you don't get it .MY SAM DID NOT JUMP ON THE MAN !!!!!! He jumped on the bench ,THE MAN REACHED OVER AND KNOCKED HIM OFF ! Stop looking in the mirror and get real !
    Didn't mean to be rude but my Sam has more sense than to go up to a dog that is vicious , now I have a bull dog and he loves all dogs ,he and Sam play and have a great time ,I have a chow and she loves all animals .I think how you are and how you raise a dog is the reason if they like other animals or not ,has alot to do with personality of the owner and dog and surroundings and whether the dog was inbred so much it is crazy .I have seen the most loving and genlte pits and rotties and then I have seen the most vicious chi you could ever see ...All in how they are raised if you ask me .Which I am sure you are not asking ,but ...just my opinion..
    And if your dog were to bite mine ,I would consider it your fault ,cause it is yours that would be vicious and not mine .Just like if you bite me ,you did the biting ,your fault .
    Toy dogs ,medium dogs ,large dogs ...yes the owner is responsible for their actions ,but if you READ the post ,Sam was not on the man or even trying to be ,he jumped on the bench ,a mere 2 feet from me and was promptly KNOCKED OFF ...My fault ?,maybe I should not have let go his leash ,but his leash is 4 feet and he more than apt would still have jumped on the bench , would you have the right to knock a child off a seat if it cawled up next to you in an office .Would like to see you explain that to a parent ." It was your fault cause the child was out of control ,foaming at the mouth with ice cream " Geez !
    If Sam was a biter he would have jumped up ,bit the man ...then it is my fault .
    Also ,if you have a dog that does not like other dogs/people and you know it and are taking it to places where it could cause damage to a small or other size dog ,yours should be muzzled at all times around any other dog or people .Not to muzzle that dog and to take it to places where it could hurt another is a grave offense to others that have friendly pets and yes ,if anything happened it would be your responsibility ,because you are fully aware your dog is vicious,you should automatically yell out when you walk inot a room "I HAVE A DOG THAT BITES ,KEEP ALL AWAY CAUSE I AM TOO UNCARiNG OF OTHERS TO MUZZLE IT . .Should go in a vets office also with a muzzle because there are children that know no better and puppies and if one gets hurt ,yes again ....your fault .The difference between people and animals is ...animals are more humane .
  16. bellasmommy

    bellasmommy New Member

    i have not read all of the replies yet but to me it sounds like you made him aware of your displeasure and no other action is necessary at this time..

    of course, if sam has endured any physical injuries (i don't know how hard the hit was or how far sam fell) then this man must be contacted..
  17. ilovemaltipoos

    ilovemaltipoos New Member

    He fell about 3 to 5 feet total ,I guess and on his back leg ,which yesterday he limped aliittle ,then later in the day was okay it seemed like ,but this morning he is limping again .I will take him back to the vet tomorrow morning and get some x-rays and see if it is just a spranged leg or what .The man swung his arm at Sam and Sam seem to fly and then hit the floor hard .All inthe office heard it and turned to look and the vets came running out ,I grabbed up Sam ,took him to the car ,checked him ,went back in to do some of my own hitting ,man was gone ,went back to the car ,got Sam to be checked by the vet and then left ..But everyone there was telling me they saw or they heard the hit ! ...
  18. sandangel

    sandangel New Member



    Dogs must always be on a leash , crated or restrained somehow in public places. Just a leash without someone holding it doesn't count. It doesn't matter if the dog didn't do a darn thing wrong..... if the man SOMEHOW presumed he was in danger and your dog was jumping right up by him , then he had all lawful right to feel he was protecting himself. The law doesn't care one hoot if your dog is the sweetest thing since cotton candy.
    The bare facts are the dog was jumping up by the man, you had NO control what your dog was doing. It only takes a split second for something to happen and sweet or not doesn't play into this factor.

    I'm just not getting the part about sending the bill???????? You left the dog free to do what it wanted and you want to give some guy a bill because you feel you didn't have to follow the rules the rest of us follow????????? This situation has NOTHING to do with other peoples children or how everybody loves your dog or anything else that you are trying to throw into the picture. it's an issue about an owner not wanting to be responsible for THEIR actions. Please do not BASH everyone on the board who doesn't agree with you. You can be angry upset and hurt about what happened but bashing people who are posting answers is as bad as bashing someone's head in the wall because you don't like something! :(
  19. elizavixen

    elizavixen New Member

    My dog is not viscious. But she does not like other dogs, large or small, running up to her. And it would NOT be my fault. As for your dog having sense enough not to go up to a viscious dog, implying of course my dog is viscious, is stupid. My dog would show no signs of being "viscious". She is very well mannered, stays right by my side, doesn't growl, doesn't bark. Can your dog read my dog's mind? Obviously your dog didn't have sense enough not to jump near a "viscious" human. My point being, you shouldn't rely on your dog's "senses" or you are going to get him into trouble.

    And it doesn't matter that the dog didn't jump ON him. A dog doesn't have to be ON you to bite. Obviously he jumped close enough to the guy for him to reach over.

    And comparing your dog to children is quite a stretch I think so I won't go there.

    BTW, I did read your post. I'm not sure how old you are but if you are old enough to have a dog you are old enough to take responsibility for it. It was YOUR fault. No matter how nice, small, whatever your dog is, the situation wouldn't have happened if you had been doing what you are supposed to be doing by having your dog on the leash. And just having the leash attached to the dog's collar doesn't count.
  20. ilovemaltipoos

    ilovemaltipoos New Member

    OKAY !!!! There is no Personal Feelings involved here with any board member ,so to clarify that I will say this One More Time .I HAVE NEVER ASK ANYONE IF I WAS AT FAULT ! Non issue to me !
    Sam was on a leash ,I bent down to pick up dog food ,plus I had a carrier with puppies in the other hand ,the leash I was holding dropped ,I was a couple feet from the bench ,he jumped on the bench ,was looking at me ,the man swung his arm (reached over a few feet to do this too ) and KNoCKED Sammy off the darn bench ,he hit him from behind .Law or no law ,no one has a right to go out of the way to KNOCK someone 'elses dog or child or any other thing off anything .I was right there ,no way was Sam threatning the man .Somehow ,some of you think Sammy was jumping all over the man ,running loose attacking all that was before him .,He usually does go behind the counter and visits the vets ,receptionist but we had restrained him and like I said his leash was longer anyway from where I was to the bench .Usually we sit at the bench and Sam by me when we go to the vet ,more than apt my Sam thought i was headed to the bench .I was within arms reach of it .
    As far as bashing is concerned ,I bashed no one .I ask what people would have done ,not whether it was my fault or not .I could care less if it was my fault Sam jumped on the stupid bench ,the man hit him and knocked him to the floor .Next time you go to the vet ,don't let your dog sit by anyone cause from what you are saying anyone has the right to knock your dog out if they walk a foot from you or if anyone or anything comes up to you ,they can bite them at their leisure or a man can walk within 2 feet of yours and reach out and kick the heck out of it and because the leash was a foot longer than usual or you accidently drop the leash cause your hands are full they were right and it is your fault ? ..What would you have done ,kissed the man and beat the dog ?
    And if your dog bites another dog or a human ,it is your fault .And Sam is my baby (as a child would be to a mother ) .He is going on 7 yrs old and I love him with all my heart .I do not rely on Sam 's senses for anything ,but he does rely on me ,I am his protection ,his mom ,he has never went up to a person or a dog that acted dangerous in any way at any time and we have been in that office lots of times when there were dogs that had to be muzzled and Sam sits quietly by me on the BENCH !!
    And when I stated Sam was a litltle wild at the vet ,it is when we are in the exam room ,if the door to the office is opened back there ,he will visit the other vets that pick him up and hold him ,carry him about ,never in the front where the actual people and dogs are ,there he is always on his leash and I do play by the rules just like most people do ,even more than most .My actual dropping the leash would not have kept him from the bench ,cause we were so close to it and I quickly picked it back up ,but never had the chance to say come or stop or anything cause my Sam flew and landed at my feet ...split second .Not an hour running wild biting people .And he is not stupid .I resent that comment .
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