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What's Wrong With Him ?

Discussion in 'All other pets' started by meghan_m_25, Dec 7, 2005.

  1. meghan_m_25

    meghan_m_25 New Member

    Max, my guinea pig has gotten better since he was ill. He was more alive than ever before. Now since yesterday he has been doing nothing. yesterday I changed his cage and he got better. he hasn't been eating a whole lot but was drinking a ton. Now when i took him out of his cage he fell over.. now he is okay standing but isn't doing anything.. Can't get any kind of food in to him... on sunday he had a bath and was a little damp on his belly when i put him away. My dad i don't think will let him go back to the vet cuz they're spent over $200 on him. What can I do? :cry:
  2. Aqueous

    Aqueous New Member

    Could be a number of things.

    If he's not eating I would definatly take him to the vet again. When a guinea pig gets sick they can decline extremly fast. In less than 24 hours of not eating their liver cells can already begin to shut down and then they go downhill very fast.

    The excessive drinking may also be a sign of diabetes. The balance issue may be a sign of an ear infection.
  3. sakura.seppun

    sakura.seppun New Member

    I'd say that you need to try to get him to the vet, persuade your dad if necisarry, or raise your own money from other friends and family members.

    until then, you may have to force feed him.
  4. meghan_m_25

    meghan_m_25 New Member

    Thanks but he died about 4:30 this morning.. When we tried to force feed him last night he spit it it through his nose. he wanted it eat he nibbled on celery but he was just too weak
  5. Baby12

    Baby12 New Member

    Im so sorry :cry:
  6. goldfish_lover

    goldfish_lover New Member

    im SO sorry...and i hope you feel better soon
    i'll give you a virtual hug

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