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Where can I get a shih poo?

Discussion in 'Dogs - small breeds (toy) specific' started by azn43ver, Jul 6, 2007.

  1. azn43ver

    azn43ver New Member

    I am going to be graduating from college a few months from now. As a present for myself, I have been researching dogs and have decided that I would love to get a shih poo. I am notoriously allergic to dogs, but this past summer I visited my brother who had gotten a maltese/yorkie and realized that I did not have a reaction. I never knew that there were hypoallergenic dogs. After extensive research and knowing my personality, I believe that the best fit for me would be a shih poo. I have met and played with a shih tzu in real life and a poodle as well and did not get a reaction. I just love the personality that all shih tzu seems to have and I hope that the intelligence that the poodle has will mix in too. I am currently living in Sacramento, Ca. but I will be going back home to San Francisco after I graduate. I was really hoping some of you may know a good shih poo breeder in the bay area. I will be however a struggling post student and am hoping to save most of my money for vet bills and fun stuff for my future puppy. So I am looking to spend a max of around $500. If the breeder is out of California, $500 is the max I can spend including shipping. Thank you for all of you that are willing to help and even any information you are willing to give me. Thanks again.
  2. WendyM

    WendyM New Member

    I got a Shih-poo back in December. She is the sweetest little dog on the planet. Can you tell I am biased :wink: . If you are looking to get a puppy, I would check the newspapers, on line and ask people you see walking them where they got their dog. That is what I did and I was directed to a breeder near my home. I phoned the breeder and chatted with them and I was happy with the information that I received. I also got some references and they were all very happy with their puppies. I live in Ontario Canada.
  3. azn43ver

    azn43ver New Member

    Thanks for the advise, but...

    Thank you for your advice, I have done that and I know where everyone gets their shih poos around me. This is however a negative thing because they all get it from this pet store in Daly City which doesn't look like they take good care of their puppies. Also they mark up their puppies like crazy. I believe a male shih poo goes for $1200 and a female for $1500. Doesn't that sound crazy. I know many maltese breeders around me that I can get a puppy for what I am asking, but I have fallen in love with the shih poo. I hope that someone out there knows a breeder of shih poos in the bay area that isn't marking up their prices like crazy. Thanks again.
  4. Aqueous

    Aqueous New Member

    Instead of going to an actual breeder have you though of going through a rescue or shelter. It may take a little longer to find you a dog but rescues and shelters generally adopt at a much lower cost that what you'd pay at a pet store or breeder.

    I know the cost of pet store puppies are incredibly high (especially for toy breeds) and since the vast majority of pet store puppies come from puppy mills I don't think they're worth the inflated cost considering that the puppy you buy will probably end up developing problems later on due to lax breeding ethics. When I was looking into getting my Yorkie my local pet store wanted well over $3000 for their Yorkie puppies, while we paid $750 for Rocky from a breeder that shows their dogs, does necessary health testing before breeding and raises their puppies in their home.
  5. azn43ver

    azn43ver New Member

    Yes I have thought about

    Thank you for your advise as well. I have thought about going to a shelter and rescues, however I know that this is probably in my head, but I would like a puppy at around 10 weeks. I would like to have that bond with the puppy at a very young age. And I know that this may sound bad to you animal lovers out there, but the only shih poos available or that has been available in my area for over six months has been special needs shih poos. Ie. Blind, missing limb, and some sort of bulging eye disorder. I would really want a healthy puppy and if problems arise I will already have a bond with him/her so I would be willing to help the one I love.
  6. Sara

    Sara New Member

    I have a few purebred dogs from breeders and have had several from puppyhood...even caught my Boerboel as she came out...and I have to say...the dogs that have the closest bond to me are those who've been rescued and NONE of them were in my home before the age of 6 months...

    I understand your thoughts but honestly if you haven't enjoyed the companionship of a rescued dog you haven't lived...special needs or not...there's just something happens when that stray dog realizes that you are forever and you realize that he/she is actually greatfull for a roof over their head... Don't rule this out especially for the toys...they're more often and easily milled than anything so...rescue might just fit for you...or do both even...two is always better than one.

  7. Chezza

    Chezza New Member

    So true, I agree so heatedly, if you can adopt, adopt one, its the greatest feeling in the world to give a dog on death row you might as well say a chance of a loving caring home, we rescued our Zeppy, Bully cross with staff, he was in for the gas, he was a pup, 8 weeks old..So they are out there young, it may take some time..

    I understand what your saying too, but to adopt is the greatest gift you could give your dog and you.. :y_the_best:
  8. njeans

    njeans New Member

    shih poo puppy will be well worth the effort

    i guess i just lucked out i am a nurse and here where i work my friend another nurse had a daughter that had breed her poodle and shitzu and she had 2 puppies i wanted them she lived 300 miles away but i told her i would come get them she finanlly said ok i could have both had to wait 8 weeks from the day they wre born but it was well worth the wait and the drive i now have 2 shih poo puppies that are 4 months old and the light of my life .all vet cleared and shots and fixing to be spayed and nuter. when 6 months of age .has cost me quite a bit for everything patio porch fence vet bill and of cource toys and beds and stuff notice i said beds mr tuxedo chewed the first one up ms downey liked to have chewed him up cause she so like the pink bed i think he chewed it up cause it was not blue haha hope you find your puppy for free as i did may jesus bless you

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