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Which fish for our tank?

Discussion in 'Fish and Aquarium - all types' started by :o)rosie:o), Feb 15, 2005.

  1. :o)rosie:o)

    :o)rosie:o) New Member

    Hi again. I was wondering if our tank (about 45 gal) was empty of fish, has anyone got any suggestions as to what would look nice in there? I'd like a mix of lively, colourful, larger fish & some bottom feeding fish. I know thats very vague. I wanted to know what the max of fish is that can go in that tank. Thanks in advance
  2. Hooben

    Hooben New Member

    It used to be that some people would say one inch of fish for every gallon of water. That really isn't true, though. What we really could use is the lengths of your tank, then it would be easy to see if bigger fish could fit in there. Give us the length x width and then the height of your tank. We can calculate exactly how many gallons and more or less give you suggestions of how many and what kind of fish might do well in there.
  3. M_wm

    M_wm New Member

    a few pictus cats would be cool for bottom feeders and would work in a 45
  4. :o)rosie:o)

    :o)rosie:o) New Member

    our tank is - 122cm x 45cm x 35 cm. I'll find some pics on Pictus cats.
  5. :o)rosie:o)

    :o)rosie:o) New Member

  6. M_wm

    M_wm New Member

    Yah that looks like a pictus. Heres mine
    Most sites say they get 4-6" Max. Ive never seen one over 5" though. They are really cool fish though they have huge mouths!
  7. Kirk

    Kirk New Member

    I would say that my Pictus Cat is a good six and a half inches long. He is probably one of my oldest fish. I think he is great but pictus cats are nocturnal and they like to hide during the day. If you want to watch this fish you need to turn the lights out. This is what I think at least.
  8. :o)rosie:o)

    :o)rosie:o) New Member

    They look pretty cool.

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