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who was your first cat?

Discussion in 'Cats - all breeds / types' started by Mary_NH, Aug 14, 2005.

  1. winnie

    winnie New Member

    Bug was my first cat. I got him at five weeks old from my Vets office, they found him on the streets, so I took him in. He was such a character, and turned out to be huge! I had to find him another home when I was moving but luckily a friend took him in. Heres bug...

  2. rcrgal31

    rcrgal31 New Member

    My first cat was also a Candy...her original name was precious..but me being 9 i had to keep asking my mom what her name was...so i changed it to candy...she was rescued from the aspca..and had 2 brothers..they were both orange striped tabby's..she was pure white w/ a grey spot on her head..she was the sweetest cat...especially going into a home w/ a 9yr old, a 7 yr old and a 3yr old..she never bit anyone or hissed or anything..a far cry from my jazz who hates everyone..lol..she was the bestest cat and i miss her soo much...she lived to be 13 yrs old...wish i had a pic i could post..but she was the one who started my luv affair w/ white kitties....as right now i have 2 Caesar and Jazz...romeo is my only "colored" kitty...grey spots..lol
  3. Bente

    Bente New Member

    My family had several cats in my childhood, but Kyrre is MY first cat, and the first cat I've gotten so attached to. He really is a big momma's boy, and I can't even think abot the fact that I'll live longer than him without getting sick... I just love him so much. Sometimes when he sleeps next to me in bed and I watch him, the feeling is just so overwhelming I have to hug him really hard, or burry my face in his fur :oops: But I'm sure you all know what I mean, lol :lol:
  4. FMgurl43

    FMgurl43 New Member

    jason was my first cat.. i had dogs b4 but i was attached to cats more... my aunts cat had kittens at my house (we were kitty-sitting) and i wanted the one kitten that was solid black but my cousin had called him first (we were around 4 or 5) well my second pick was this tiny runt who was orange and white... and had a lil orange spot around his mouth.. he was sooo cute...i dunno why but i named him jason, ive asked my mom many of times if i had ever told her why i wanted him that name and she said that she had no clue... anyways jason (aka jay jay) was my buddy i would dress him in baby doll clothes, push him in strollers, make him sit in high chairs 4 my baby dolls, have tea parties u name it, he was definaltly my best friend and he never tried to fight any of it. i could do whatever i wanted to him and he would not mind a bit.. we almost lost him many of times dur to urinary tract, getting hit by a car, etc.. but he stayed w/ us.. and when my son was born in 99 jason was gettin pretty old but still had some spunk in him and would guard my son.. he would sit next to the crib the whole time the baby was in there and if one of our other cats would come close, jason would chase them off...he was my boy... i loved that cat like no other.. he stayed w/ me until he was 14 years old and passed away in "02" the day he passed was the hardest thing ive ever went though in my life... we knew he was going that day and were going to take him to the vet but that morning at 7am i heard him in the bathroom moving around so i got up and started getting ready to take him and my mom was in there w/ him while i got ready (we were taking turns being w/ him) and she came up to me and told me she thinks i need to go in there w/ jason that she thinks hes waiting 4 me, so i went in there and he pulled himself onto my lap purring his lil heart out and then he passed.. it happened sooo fast....i still miss him more and more everyday...but since i have lost jason i have found that kittens find me instead of me finding them...and i cant help but keep them...thats how i got garfeild,sassy,teddy bear, prissy, and princess....
  5. Bente

    Bente New Member

    That's so sad FMgurl, your story brought tears to my eyes. Jason sounds like he was a really good friend and a 'once in a lifetime' type of cat :kiss_heart:
  6. FMgurl43

    FMgurl43 New Member

    oh my gosh!!! im sorry guys... i didnt relize how long that was :oops: but once i start about my old man jason i cant stop!!!! he is truley loved and very missed....

    Bente: it brought streams of tears just to be able to write about him...he was definatly my best friend growing up.... he was there though it all....and my cat garfield now has some of the same markings as jason but hes not just like him but their 2 personalities are almost identical... the way that garfeild loves everyone is amazing... i have never had a cat that has acted the way he does.besides jason.. and not to mention garfield will put up w/ anything!!! if i wanted to dress him up like i did jason he would probably just sit back and enjoy!!!!lol :D i just cant let my 5 year old know that.... :m39:

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