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Won't Potty Train

Discussion in 'Dogs - small breeds (toy) specific' started by cheeky_monkey, Oct 14, 2004.

  1. cheeky_monkey

    cheeky_monkey New Member

    I have a minpin of a year of age and she will not potty trained. I have tried everything but she still will go in the house. She knows to go outside but she doesnt. How do I get her to go? Is it too late to train her to go?
  2. nern

    nern New Member

    Its never too late. I would start all over with the house training as if she was a puppy. Confinement, consistancy and keeping your eyes on her at all times when not confined so you can prevent indoor accidents are key.
  3. PooGirl13

    PooGirl13 New Member

    I agree 100% with Nern :D
  4. Pekemom

    Pekemom New Member

    I would use the "puppy pad" routine. The pads can be purchased at Petsmart. This worked with my female peke - I still use the pads in the house and when we travel, it's really handy.

    G/L and let us know how it goes! :p
  5. cheeky_monkey

    cheeky_monkey New Member

    okay so I have school so I really don't have much time to train her. Plus we have two other dogs and they chew the puppy pads.
  6. PooGirl13

    PooGirl13 New Member

    Is there someone else in the house that can train her, since you don't have time?

    The dog needs consistent training, which is hard work, but it's necessary if you want to properly train the dog.

    How were your other dogs trained?

    We used the puppy pads and my Emma did great with them.. but, I regret it now. It's important to decide where you want the dog to go to the bathroom.. if you don't mind your dog going to the bathroom in the house, then puppy pads are great. I wanted my dogs to only eliminate outside so using the puppy pads temporarily was a bad idea in my case.

    My girls only go outside now, but again it takes time/patience/consistency to train them. You could also look into a litter box, I believe some have used those successfully here on the board.
  7. cheeky_monkey

    cheeky_monkey New Member

    yes there are other people in the house for when i'm at school. are other two dogs we both adopted from humane societies. Our oldest, ChiChi, was already potty trained and she used to be abused so she never went in the house. Our second dog, Charlie, we got him during the summer so we would just leave the back door open and he knew to go outside. Sushi, the minpin, knows to go outside but she doesn't know how to hold it in. She just goes when she has to and doesn't alert us when she needs to go outside.
  8. puttin510

    puttin510 New Member

    First off, go buy a gallon of Natures Miracle or Simple solution spray the area or soak the carpet where she has urinated. Let it soak into the carpet, floor, couch anywhere she has gone. Let it dry on its own. It has to saturate the area to get rid of any smell of the dog urine. Remember to let it soak in a dry on its own. Next retrain her, take her outside every hour or so few few days at least then every couple of hours till she has better controll. Soon she will get it. But if she has spots where she always pees, her scent is there and thats where she thinks she should go. I got rid of the smell of cat urine with simple solution, and that is hard to get rid of. My dogs have not had those problems. But the key is to get her scent out of the house.
  9. casper

    casper New Member

    is she crate trained? i'm at school too and am trying to train a 4 month pup. Assuming you're not in highschool, you're probably not away for more than 6 hrs at time. you may try crating her for the entire 6 hrs. I think it should be ok for ur pup since she's a yr old. my 4 month old can hold it in for 6 hrs (tho i began walking him every four hrs again).

    I personally think crates are an amazing training technique and you should try it. Pads didn't work for me either cuz the dogs chewed it up as well.

    just know that if you decide to crate train, you're going to have a rough first week as ur pup adjusts
  10. MyBabyShihPoo

    MyBabyShihPoo New Member

    You'll have to start back at step number one in housebreaking...treat your pup as though you just got her, and she knows absolutely nothing about housebreaking! There have been numerous posts on this board about housebreaking, so for a lot of useful and helpful information about housebreaking, use the search feature here on auspet to find those threads.

    I, personally, wouldn't recommend that you use puppy pads unless it is absolutely necessary! I've explained my reasons why I don't recommend puppy pads in previous posts, so I won't elaborate on that, but if you want your Min Pin to do her business strictly outdoors, I wouldn't use puppy pads at all! Approx. 98% of people I know who used puppy pads to begin with, later regret their decision to do so b/c of problems that occurred as a result. JMHO! :wink:

    Good Luck! :D
  11. azsunlover

    azsunlover New Member

    Well I have been having the same problem with my 6 month old Bichon and 6 month old Maltipoo. I got them in July and they still aren't house trained. I did use the pads for awhile, but only the Maltipoo would use it and the Bichon would chew it up.

    I am trained to take them out every hour or so, if they are in the house, otherwise they stay in the fenced back yard a good part of the day playing so they know to potty when they are outside. But sometimes they can be out for hours and I bring them back inside and they will pee and poop within minutes. I try to keep them confined to one area where I might be, but with 2 of them, I don't always see which one did the MESS. They do sleep all night in their crate and never mess there, or when I put them in it for short periods of time during the day. But if they are loose in the house and they need to go, they haven't made the connection to go to the door and let me know they need to go out. I take them out first thing in the morning, and tell them " Lets go outside and go potty" and they know to do that and what it means, but forget the rest of the day when they are inside and need to go. OH MY!

    Aside from this issue, can someone tell me how I can put a picture of my dogs up here on my link. I can't seem to find the connecting link to do that, yet I see others have pictures here.

  12. cheeky_monkey

    cheeky_monkey New Member

    i have tried to crate train her, but she'll even go in her cage so i don't believe that is quite working because she just goes when she has to she doesn't hold it in, even if it is where she sleeps.

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